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here are the pics, Souky!

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Alright... time to get some pics of my "toys"!
Firstly, it's a Tenjo Tenge comic + figure, and a Comic Party Ohba figure!
View attachment 18682

next up is a bunch of cheap Bastard figures, and another bunch of g-taste gachapons.
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next up. G-taste Nana Morimura (the maid!). And you should recognize the blond lady in the back :giggle And the blue hair girl is from Nadesico (forgot her name!)
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next up: another maid! The other 2 fair ladies are made by Epoch as well, but don't belong to any anime series.
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and the next pic has one of my favorite cold-cast statues. And that's the Jam from Guilty Gear! I love this pose, it's so dynamic! The back 3 are Ah! my Goddess! and the other one is another non-anime Epoch statue. Note the thick layer of dust beside the MKII. This cabinet SUCKS!
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a really crappy pic of some unopened figures. Vandread, DOA, and Maho.
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my prized possession. A VOLKS G-taste completed statue. This cost me $300CDN! But I've seen figures of this series (and company) sell for 300+USD on ebay!
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a pic of that FFX-2 figure box you saw in my mug shot.
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2 of my newer acquisitions, a DOA Kasumi, and a Nanbu figure. Note the 2000GT to the left, and the Bugatti on top of Kasumi. BTW, this Kasumi figure is AMAZING! Expensive though...
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thanks for moving this, mods!

And decided to go for broke, I'll show u my gundam models too...

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Nu and Sazabi! Hail Zeon!
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2 more to go!
View attachment 18695
and the last one, whew!
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Great stuff, Gary! I just don't collet Gundam and related stuff for lack of money, but I enjoy it a lot! :nicejob
Holy moly!!! Souky is going to poop in his pants when he sees your collection Gary!! Those are pretty cool.
Amazing collection Gundam! :cheers
Pretty cool! :cheers
Man I need some Gundams. If only they sold them around here like they used to :cry
thanks all! :cheers

I usually only buy 1:144 scale gundam, since they're cheaper. But once in a while, when the 1:100 MG go on clearance I pick up a few. My 1:144's range from 15-60CDN. My MG's range from 30-60.
This is way cool! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

Welcome Brother Gary! Welcome to DX's Geekdom. Another Anime geek in the house!!!! :nicejob :cheers

Now repeat after me: Two man enter, two geeks leave. Two man enter, two geeks leave.

Pull up a chair and make youself comfortable. Open up those HGUC & MG boxes and have at them - don't stop til the Z'Goks come home.

People called MSIA toys, we called it Gundam Crack. :cheers

Okay, I'll stop now before I end up geekoverloading.

I'm digging the Kazami figurine and the Kazumi one is beautiful. :nicejob

*Knighmare looks pretty cosey with the ladies. I would too*

BTW, the blue hair Cpt. of the Nadesico is Yurika Misumaru. :happy
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bump for souky! :giggle
At last year's 26th Annual Hobby Show in Toronto, I could've sworn I found Souky in disguise! :giggle

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mwahahaha, that's Souky alright!

*repeats after Souky* Two men enter, two geeks leave ......


I'm not into MSIA's, but I bought 2 of the "4 kings of heaven and h*ll" from G gundam, because they were on clearance at Target. Too bad I didnt' get the other 2, or else I can form the huge guy... sigh.

And I regret no buying that HGUC Psycho gundam at 300HKD when I was back in HK. I can't get it here at that price, cheapest is around 100CDN.
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