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my newest M3 from the Minichamps DTM Collection

BMW M3, Team Tauber Motorsport from DTM Season 1988

Gerhard Müller finished the season in 27th place with 21 points. Klaus Ludwig won the 1988 season with 258 points.

Tauber Motorsport drove up to the 1993 season with the DTM.

The best finish by Gerhard Mueller was a 10th Place in Berlin.

1989, Müller took another 3 races in the DTM, one on Toyota Supra

The M3 has always been for me anyway and I'm actually an attraction Ford fan ..

Once again a Minichamps M3 can be see by the red color and a splash of color more in the showcase.

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Two I need to get, I missed the Macau one when it was £70
there were a few on ebay, then they just dried up! The Schmickler one is on my list, but they're never cheap.
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