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Holden VE Commodore #34 Michael Caruso Darwin Race 10 Winner 2009 (Biante)

outside this very well, perfect paint and decals as well, the car is 4 doors open the hood and trunk, wheels and tires are very well reproduced, the car has disc brakes on all 4 wheels, low are very detailed, you can see a lot of componenes with your wiring, a very wapo detail is in the area of the collectors, who has even the silver guards to protect the heat given off by the collectors (the real car of course xD)

the engine is very detailed, you can see all the components with wiring and other respecitve magueras a very wapo detail is that you can remove the top of the admission, so you can better see the details

the trunk is very detailed, you can see the fuel tank with hoses, wiring and others, a very wise wapo are strips of fabric that are hooked to the car body and the gate

the interior is very detailed, the 4-door car to have it, look better every detail of the interior in the front, the seat is flockeado and seat belts are fabric, the dashboard is well reproduced, it can see a lot of wiring, radio and other electronic devices, protection grid pilot area is plastic in the back as they see more of the same, the fire extinguisher and more wiring, also in is inside the safety cage

now the pictures

1º round

2º round

3º round

4º round

last round

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