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Holden VK Commodore #05 P.Brock/L.Perkins Hardie-Ferodo 1000 Winner 1984 (Biante)

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Holden VK Commodore #05 P.Brock/L.Perkins Hardie-Ferodo 1000 Winner 1984 (Biante)

externally this very well, perfect paint and tampon printing too, the car has the added vinyl marlboro, you open the 4 doors bonnet and boot, rims and tires are very well reproduced, has disc brakes on all 4 wheels, and the disk rotates around the clamp underneath the car are very detailed, a curious detail is that the transmission shaft rotates if you move the rear wheels

the engine is very detailed, you can see all their components with their hoses and wiring, battery terminals even have to +/- cables, the engine looks a little plasticky, hoses could be metal, instead of rubber, a detail that I like is the metal grate that is in front of the carburetors, chrome parts give a striking touch

the interior is very detailed, the seats are plastic, but they look very good, imitating the nests upholstery fabric, seat belts are fabric, this flockeado the wheel, the dashboard is well reproduced with markers rpm speed etc ..
bars safety cage are plastic and chrome, on the passenger side on the floor is the fire extinguisher, a curious detail is that even racing,rear seats still remain in the car xD

the trunk is very detailed, you can see the fuel tank with deck fill, and in addition to its metallic hoses, engine and many parts are chrome, giving it a very striking appearance

Now photos

1º round

2º round

3º round

4º round

5º round

last round

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Incredible looking model. I can't wait to get one, though I was told to go for the Classic Carlectables version instead.
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