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Home made light diffusers

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Okay with Souky's & Felix's talk & superb photos using light diffusers, I thought why not share our home made light diffusers.
They help stop glare/colour change of diecast when taking photos, aswell helps stop the extra glare when using a reflective backgrounds.

For myself I used some graph paper stuck to cardboard cut into small window frames and stuck to 50watt desk lamps, to get some good results.

Here are some of my results. "I have improved my photography so much in a short period of time, I did suprize myself, with thanks to all the great photographers here at DX"

So feel free to add your tips, ideas & results.
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I love this shot Mike :cheers

Your diffusers obviously work very well . Great results
Oh crap, that really works :lol

Can you post a photo of your light without it on?
:lol I now, makes me look like I can take good photos.
Here is the simply diffuser.
Simple and effective.... I will give it a shot in the next couple of weeks

Great work :eek:k

Is that graph paper tyransparent or thin?

I have a similar light as you and notice that the glare is alway apparent and I would like to eliminate the glare.
Darrick its transsparent, I folded it x2, I was just playing around with different types of thickness till I got the results I wanted.
Waxpaper (stuff for baking pans) might work well in place of more expensive vellum or mylar.
Dang, I'm going to make one now! Thanks for the pics Mike :cheers
Thanks for the inspiration Mike! I went down to my basement/cellar and found some leftover acrylic sheeting for light fixtures. It's got a diamond-shaped pattern to scatter the light so it might work for me.
My five-minute attempt :lol

Here is a test shot, exuse the lack of lighting (ran out of wax paper, so only two lights)...

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Thanks or the tips and brief tutorial.

I am going to have to play around a little now :giggle
Looks like I'll be making one of those diffusers this weekend. The results look outstanding. . .
You guys are amazing!!! Now you've got it!!! :danbana :danbana :danbana :danbana :danbana
boedan the side of the car is awesome :nicejob great result for a 5min job :nicejob :nicejob

Cant wait to see more photos when you get more paper for the extra lighting.

Felix it was your inspiration and your photos of your setup with the Myler fillters thanks got me started, so I thank you for that, then Souky's amazing Getto setup gave me the extra kick I needed, I just have to work out focus settings & the better placment for my lights. then I might move up some levels in my photos.
Road Runner 72 said:
:lol :lol :lol That is awesome! :nicejob :happy

This is much better than my first attempt. I cut out a couple of pieces of printing papers and taped them to my lamps. It was cool at first, but then I left it on too long (busy messing with the subject - trying to find good angles) and nearly set the lamps on fire. :eek:ops :lol I wised up and made those ghetto diffusers. :happy

So please becareful and keep your eyes on them. :cheers
It's amazing how you even make your equipment/prop look so good!
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Thanks for the fantastic idea Mike. Should try it out pronto.
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