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Description- Acura RSX from Auto Art

Model Review


The paint is excellent. I have no complaints, mine came with a minor nic on the front bumper but nothing to account for.
Score ( 9 out of 10)


Seems to be right on target.
Score (10 out of 10)

Exterior (body)

The high points are great headlights/taillights. Separate windshield wipers. Front grill is perforated with a great Honda emblem. Seem lines fit great as always due to AUTOart using plastic and metal for their body panels. Windows are crisp and clear. Another plus is the rear center brake light is a detailed light with out connecting pins. The nice photo etched emblems on the side and rear are great touches as well. My only small complaint is the visible connecting pins for the side turn signals.
Score ( 8 out of 10)


Having a medley of different panted colors on the underbody accurately portrays what the real car would be like so this is a major plus (having silver, chrome, bronze, black, and grey). Every part is excellently executed by AUTOart. The array of radiator hoses can be seen which I like.
Score (9 out of 10)


Beautifully produced. Great stance and wheel spacing. The tires have a real look to them by not being so shiny and they have correct tread. The rims are simple amazing by my standards. The brake hardware is nice sporting red painted brembo calipers and a worn rotor look. Also the wheels turn well. Gives this one a high rank.
Score ( 8 out of 10)


The gauges are great, having chrome rims around each gauge. One thing that stood out above the rest is the white lettering on the turn signal stalk (no other has this detail in my collection). The steering wheel has the same Honda emblem and the thick plush blue carpet is perfect (grey carpet in the trunk). Seats are nice with added texture. The stick shift has the printed H-pattern. Integra Type-R on the door sill is an extra. Doors shut fine when closing. One nice thing is the chrome door opener on the inside door panel. There isn't much to complain about here except that it doesn't have working air condition.
Score ( 9 out of 10)


Great detail, AUTOart really got to work on this one. The engine is completely dressed up. From battery to flexible sparkplug cables. Due to the great amount of detail I can't think of anything I do not like.
Score (8.5 out of 10)

Collector Value-

Not all that rare but not common among collectors of DX.
Score (7.5 out of 10)


This is great model overall. If you're a fan of tuner cars then this is a must. I stands out in a collection and has great detail even though it's not an exotic to some.

TOTAL SCORE 86.25 out of 100

Review added to the DX Model Review Database on 08-OCT-2004

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Great car and EXCELLENT review, CX! Congrats on a terrific first review, dude! :cheers :nicejob

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sick sick sick man.....this is wat i like(jdm style duh:p) you huys are going to cast me a fortune:p oh well, i need work really hard know:D
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