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Honda NSX (Silver)

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Again I was looking at my Bone Stock NSX from Motor Max and just wanted more from it. The NSX to me is such a great car and so once again I envisioned myself owning one. What it would look like and especially what color combo it would have, so I went with a tan/black interior. I just love it in real cars so why not.

For some history on this project I have been at this one for the past week and a half. Forever it seemed like the car just sat in pieces. Once I almost completed it I had a set of Alex Zanardi edition style rims for it but the deal went sour and I messed up the rims in the process of tailoring them for the NSX. So the stock rims are left and this car is no longer the Zanardi Edition I wanted it to be. :cry Nonetheless I completed the project all the way to the rear wing. Which leads me to ask for suggestions for a rear wing. Im stumped right now and need some opinions as to how this project should turn out.

The model was blue with black int when I started.

More front spoilers will be added to make the large ones blend in properly.
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Great job, dude! :nicejob You got this thing ready in no time! The interior looks so buttery and delicious. :tongue You're the Schedoni of 1:18th leather seats! :giggle

I would suggest going with a big, CF rear wing, and painting the front intake in a darker silver, like gunmetal (if you have it) or even black. The front spoilers, I feel, would work better if you could somehow connect them across the front of the car OR shaving them back a lot to draw less attention to them. :mine
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