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Honda NSX (Silver)

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Again I was looking at my Bone Stock NSX from Motor Max and just wanted more from it. The NSX to me is such a great car and so once again I envisioned myself owning one. What it would look like and especially what color combo it would have, so I went with a tan/black interior. I just love it in real cars so why not.

For some history on this project I have been at this one for the past week and a half. Forever it seemed like the car just sat in pieces. Once I almost completed it I had a set of Alex Zanardi edition style rims for it but the deal went sour and I messed up the rims in the process of tailoring them for the NSX. So the stock rims are left and this car is no longer the Zanardi Edition I wanted it to be. :cry Nonetheless I completed the project all the way to the rear wing. Which leads me to ask for suggestions for a rear wing. Im stumped right now and need some opinions as to how this project should turn out.

The model was blue with black int when I started.

More front spoilers will be added to make the large ones blend in properly.
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Wow! That targa top looks awesome. in my humble opinion though the Canards don't work and this NSX doesn't look "track ready" with its top off. Also you might want to put some flat black into the front intake since it's a solid piece. :mine I think a CF wing would look nice. Maybe put a decal on the stock spoiler?
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