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Hot Wheels BMW 645Ci

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1:18 Hot Wheels BMW 645Ci
Hot Wheels's quality seemed to be going up, but has this been reversed?

Opened it today as an early birthday present!

Packaging is exactly like that on the 911 GT3, everything is very well shut and held together. Theres a little plastic cord holding the engine shut though and thats kind of hard to get out, so dont be alarmed if at first its very hard to get the hood up, theres a trickly little wire holding it down.

Exterior seems, surprisingly, to be proportioned correctly! I believe this is a first for my Hot Wheels models. Its not too high off the ground, either. Exhaust is very shiny and has a chrome effect, although its not colored in so that doesnt look that good. The 645Ci badging on the rear is big and noticeable, which makes it look good. Also, the lining around the windows is very nicely done and makes the model look very nice.

Paint is not a very high point of the car. It doesnt really stand out, not that shiny, and there are a few very small silver spots in mine that look like pieces of dust but when you try to brush them off, they dont budge! :ranting Thats not good. Also, its that greasy type I dislike where you just briefly pick it up and its covered in notiveable, big hideous fingerprints.

Interior isnt a high point either. Only good part of it is that the buttons and knobs are pretty well carved. Besides that, the gauges behind the wheel is a sticker, so is the navigation screen, theres no paint on the shifter or buttons or knobs or anything, and theres basically two colors: gray and black and the only other colors are on the BMW logo. :ranting Also, in the picture of the rear up at the top, notice the big gap in the door!! Thats closed as far as it will go!

Engine isn't bad, I guess. The hood is difficult to lift and hard to pry open requires a long fingernail (if you have a Hot Wheels 350Z, which most of you probably dont, you know exactly what I'm talking about). It would look a lot better if it had more colors (you could say the same for the interior).

Wheels and brakes are both good and bad. The brakes show that the Hot Wheels's quality has gone up a bit, as the rotors spin with the wheels and the calipers stay still, but you dont really notice it. The bad part is the rims. I think they just pulled the design out of a hat as I havent seen the design anywhere but on this model, it would have been better if they looked good but I dont think they do.

Our special guest today is a Maserati 3200GT, a close competitor of the 645Ci...actually a Coupe would be closer but this is the closest I've got.

I'm faster! No, I'm faster!

The group welcomes the 6'er to the collection.

Overall, this model is a bit heavy for a Hot Wheels, especially in the front. I would say that Hot Wheels probably threw this together at the last moment and didnt really pay attention to detail. I'm glad they got the proportion right, so when you first see it you're thinking its a great model. Then you notice the sloppy paint and dull interior and you might think that Hot Wheels's quality might be going back down after a bit of a rise recently. :confused If youre not strapped for cash, you should probably get the Kyosho, and if youre not desperate for a 645Ci, you could wait a while til the M6 comes out and get a model of that. :happytwo


review added to the DX Model Review Database on 24-JUN-2004
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Thanks for your informal review of the Hot Wheels 6. :cheers
CONGRATZ!!! i just saw a couple of these cars running around a few days ago.... black and silver.....looks better in real life... BUT i still prefer the older 6 series
Thanks for taking the time and doing the review :cheers

Can you do anything to remedy the door not closing :confused
Thanks for the review! :cheers
I have one of these coming in a trade and was curious how they looked :confused
Sounds like it will take some work to make thos one look a bit better.
Many thanks again for the review. :cheers
Judging from your review I don't think that Hot Wheels will be worrying the likes of Kyosho any time soon.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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