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First, let's get this out of the way: this is a budget model. Not Norev, not Schuco, those are almost high end brands. This model was priced below HWE, even if it was a 1/12 scale. But Hot Wheels put real effort on this one. Maybe too much, as it weights a lot, i mean, a lot. And i will use another two words i've been using a lot lately. Passion and care. Hot Wheels cared when they made this model; let be straight, there are poor details and cheap materials, but on the other hand, overall this model was crafted with passion, is the only thing that can explain so many little nice details all around. This model has a textured armrest storage, which by the way, is openable! The seats are covered in this satin, almost soft plastic, that looks like leather, but not any leather, nappa leather, i am not exagerating, check out the pictures.
Truthfully, this will not be the most cherished piece of my collection, the model it's not even that pretty, but because it's rich and made with such a care that surely i will be revisiting it from time to time. It deserves it.
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Actually, I have had a few and still have a Blue 1/12th HW Convertible C6. I had to say that I was shocked at how much detail these models had packed in for as low as they costed originally! For me this is HWs at one of it's best times and they even got better after their C6 Coupe/Convertible releases.. I need to pull my Blue C6 Convertible out of storage, but here is an old 2005 pic of my 1/12th Coupe in black (with 1/18th AA Porsche 997)..
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It's a very decent model. I had no idea Hot Wheels was into 1:12 scale, so I learned something new today.
same here never knew HW made a 1/12. The C6 must be something special for Hotwheels since I don’t recall them making any other 1/12. Perhaps something Chevrolet commissioned them to build to commemorate the release of C6?
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