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This one isn't for everyone. You either like it or you don't , I think most Hot Wheels collectors will like it . This is a very basic model.



The paint job is very cool, but there are too many dirt nibs and imperfections in the paint. Hot Wheels calls this their "spectraflame" paint, which is like a chromish blue, similiar to some of the Ertls put out a couple of years ago. The tampos are excellent.



The only opening part is for the interior, but it does have removable surf boards(I love the tribal flames on the surf boards, Hot Wheels does quite well with their tampo printing).



The dash & steering wheel are part of the opening canopy. Obviously, the steering wheel is stationary and doesn't do anything. The gauges are just a sticker, as well as the TV screen on the dash. The base of the interior is very nicely engraved, but its just 1 big piece of plastic.



The wheels look very good on the model . The grey caliper & rotor are molded together , and are stationary. The front wheels turn, but there isn't too much space to turn them at all.



The engine is very basic at best. Theres a supercharger on top, some funky looking valve covers & what appears to be headers. Chassis detail is very minimal, forgot to take a pic, but you're not missing anything.



No one else makes this and I don't think anyone else will.



Not many 1/18 diecasts are based off of a 1/64 diecast. I figure if you're a Hot Wheels collector or want something unusual in your collection, you might buy this, its not for everyone.


Since I collected HWs before switching to 1/18 , I really like some of HWs efforts to make something different, although they could have added some more opening parts or at least a better engine. Now if they can make the Twin Mill in 1/18, I'll definatly be adding that to my collection too!

20/50 (maybe I'm being too nice?)

**Review added to the DX Model Review Database**


Thanks for the laugh,oops my bad Imeant review.

I laughed through the entire read.

In all seriousness, I do intend on picking this model up and adding it to my collection. :mrgreen:

I will more than likely pick up two as the wheels are going to look good on that black Enzo :sm:

This is the lowest score we have ever seen using the DX Model Review system. :knutkck:

So will the Saleen S7 do better

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I will more than likely pick up two as the wheels are going to look good on that black Enzo :sm:
Good catch there DX, those wheels are great

The model itself will probably not find a place into my collection though.

Thanks for the review. I've seen these at the stores but didn't know what kind of detail they had. Interesting but not enough when my $$ can only go so far. Two dogs, three cars, a girlfriend and a diecast collection to feed :sm: :sm:
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