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Hot Wheels Ferrari Enzo (F60) 1/18

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Here's my third review as promised. This time it's on a budget model - the Ferrari Enzo (F60) by Hot Wheels

The model was made by Hot Wheels in conjunction with Ferrari's development of the Enzo so that the model would be as realistic as possible. In order to get exclusive rights to making most of Ferrari's cars in 1/18 and 1/43 scale, Hot Wheels' parent company Mattel had to pay a hefty sum to gain these rights and they invested $1 million alone in to the Enzo project. The outcome is a rather nice model. I would go so far as to say that it is Hot Wheels' best model to date. However, that is not to say that it is an exceptionally good model, especially when compared to any models by the Beanstalk Group or AUTOart, for example.

The paint, as with most of Hot Wheels's 1/18 models, is excellent with complete application without any uneven areas (which is typical with Hot Wheels' models) but this is the only thing about the model that I'd say is close to outstanding.

From a distance the Enzo 1/18 model looks rather impressive and to scale (which it is as the Enzo is a large car width and lengthwise) but a closer look reveals much more, some good, some not so good and some bad. The logos are represented by stickers and are all present too and they don't look like they'll peel off any time soon. However, the panel gaps doors and the front compartment are enormous while the engine cover has a fine panel gap but this is because, rather disappointingly, the whole engine cover is plastic and it feels cheap. Because of the panel gaps the front compartment doesn't fit with the nose but rather sits slightly proud above it interrupting the smooth line, especially if you look at the model's profile.
The lights are crudely done too as the headlights, indicators and side repeaters are all painted on rather than made from separate coloured pieces of plastic. The brake/rear lights are made from plastic themselves, which is perfectly fine, but the rear indicators and reverse lights are painted on rather than separate plastic parts. Hot Wheels could have taken a tip from Bburago on how to do this (notably with Bburago's 1/18 Ferrari 360 Modena). Several more faults crop up with some more looking. The air intakes / vents are supposed to be perforated but they are just moulded to appear so (and it won't fool anyone) and the vents immediately behind the front fenders are not moulded plastic at all but unsightly stickers. The "Ferrari" name written in the Ferrari font just behind the engine cover is poorly defined and barely legible - a separate piece of plastic would make this look more realistic and more legible.


The beetle-wing doors open up (and stay up with incredible difficulty) revealing the interior which doesn't give a good first impression. The seats are hard plastic (they should feel like the felt used in racing seats) and the dials are done by stickers (which is perfectly fine) but the instrumentation is crude and can only be seen with ease if you look at it under a light as it is so dark and bland. If the model had the red/black interior that was shown on the real Enzo used for the official photos rather than the black/black interior that the model has, this would have looked a lot better and more appealing. The steering wheel isn't badly done but the paddles behind it seem too far away to be on scale. The throttle and brake pedals and the footrest are connected together rather than done separately and no effort was made to hide this obvious fault. To be honest, the interior is a big let down - Maisto have been colour coding the interiors of their models for years now but Hot Wheels have barely begun to do so.

The wheels and the brakes are very nicely done but still they're not perfect. I can't really fault the wheels as they have the Ferrari logo on the nut and the spokes are the correct style. Sadly no effort was made to make the discs look like the carbon-ceramic material used on the real Enzo but at least they rotate with the wheels while the calipers remain fixed but the drillings are not actually perforations but mouldings and the calipers are not painted black and "Ferrari" is not printed on them either. Even Maisto started doing this many months before the 1/18 Enzo was released.


The engine is actually quite well done - probably the best feature of the model after the paintwork. Most of the features are accurate as there is some wiring and plumbing, the suspension is simulated but there are three flaws and one gripe: The gripe is that beneath the engine itself is a whole block of plastic and the three flaws are that the exhausts are chromed (where the should resemble polished nickel or stainless steel), the airbox is symmetrical but the airbox on the real car is asymmetrical (since the left bank of cylinders is positioned slightly further forward than the right bank so that both banks can be staggered on the same crankshaft, minimising weight) and that there is no form of connection between the external fuel cap (on the engine cover) and the fuel tank. There is little undercarriage detail on the model but this is fine as the real Enzo had a mainly flat undertray. The diffuser is nicely replicated on the model but the front wing is inaccurate as it should resemble a wing shape (round front with tapered rear) but on the model the wing is flat.

Since Hot Wheels have a monopoly over the Enzo (like most of their Ferrari models) their rendition of the Enzo in 1/18 has absolutely no competition.

Because Hot Wheels invested $1million in developing and manufacturing this model, they would need to sell it in large numbers to recoup their investment. Most toy/model stores don't seem to be able to get rid of their stock of Enzo models, partly due it its substandard quality.

In short, Hot Wheels's Enzo Ferrari is a reasonably good model but far from a great one. You get the feeling that Mattel made lots of cost cutting measures designing and making this model in order for it to make profit over their $1million investment in designing it and the fee they paid for the licence for exclusive rights to model it. Even though I pointed out plenty of flaws, the model really isn't that bad and it looks good with other budget models (except for the Beanstalk Group's models) and it'll make a nice addition to a supercar model collection although AUTOart's or Kyosho's supercar models will completely embarrass Hot Wheels's rendition of the Enzo.

Total Score - 36/50

Thanks to http://www.diecast18.com for the use of their photos

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Great review,castrol_supra_gt

:angel: :angel:

I have the car(I'll bet most of us do) and have to say :iagr:

Thanks for posting! :mrgreen:
Hm, I don't have it and I dont want it, until some better quality model will come out!!! (Unfortunately this will take some years I think :cry: ) But I refuse to get the Hot Wheels version of the Enzo :nono: !!!
:angel: Not bad For HWs. I will have to look for it.
Nice review, I also would love to see the Enzo made by Kyosho. They should remake all the Ferraris!!!
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Nice review. I have to admit I'm on the fence on this one - one day I want one, the next I don't... :?
Nice review, I also would love to see the Enzo made by Kyosho. They should remake all the Ferraris!!!
:iagr: Absolutely, Eric. I'm with you on that. I think that Hot Wheels were able to gain almost total exclusive rights to making Ferrari models because they are owned by Mattel and Mattel is one of the biggest toy manufacturers in the world so they can afford to pay the highest fee for exclusive rights that most other model manufacturers cannot afford. If Kyosho or AUTOart were able and willing to pay the same amount of money as Mattel to gain exclusive rights to make Ferrari models, Ferrari/Fiat would have chosen Kyosho or AUTOart instead rather than Mattel any day.
very good info, thanks for posting it
These are awesome cars I like the Hall Of Fame car the best :iagr: Nice reveiw :angel: Very good reading
I have a ton of these cars because I love the 1:1 scale so much...what an awesome ride it is.

Now for the Hot Wheels 1:18, I think its a "decent" model simply because no one else makes it at this point. :sm: I do think it is online with some of their other Ferraris. :mrgreen:

Once again a great revie thatI completely :iagr: with :mrgreen:
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Hm, I don't have it and I dont want it, until some better quality model will come out!!! (Unfortunately this will take some years I think :cry: ) But I refuse to get the Hot Wheels version of the Enzo :nono: !!!
I do have this model and would agree that Kyosho would have done a much better job. Judging how Kyosho has done on the other Ferraris that I have, it would be nice if they could do all of them! Since they can't I am :sad: at Hot Wheels!
Nice review, I also would love to see the Enzo made by Kyosho. They should remake all the Ferraris!!!
Yes I totally agree! Down with Mattels greedy licencing scheems!!!! :iagr:
Kyosho is releasing incredible models recently.

I hope to see them doing more and more Ferrari :mrgreen:
I hope to see them doing more and more Ferrari :mrgreen:
:iagr: but sadly this isn't likely to happen until Hot Wheels's licence for making Ferrari models expires, which is at least a year from now :cry: .
I have this car. I like it with only one complaint. The doors dont stay up on there own.
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