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Hot Wheels Ferrari Enzo interior tutorial

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If you don't like the interior of this model for being too dark, then this tutorial may help you make the interior look more appealing.

Firstly, you'll need the following equipment:
- 200cm² sticky back vinyl (in the colour of your choice but scarlet red is probably best)
- Craft knife/sharp pair of scissors
- Enamel or acrylic paint (I used Humbrol enamel, colour 220)
- Small paint brush (no wider than 3mm)
- Small sheet of plain paper
- Pencil or pen
- Glue stick
- Pictures of the interior of the real Ferrari Enzo for reference

You'll need about 3-4 hours to do the modification. If you use enamel paint (like I did) you'll need to leave the model overnight to dry completely.

1) There are six screws on the underside of the model to unscrew then the interior section with the base plate pulls away easiy from the bodywork.

2) There are two screws near the front wheels that have to be unscrewed as well then the interior section can be pulled away from the base plate. You won't need to remove the dashboard/centre console from the bodywork.

3) Place the small sheet of paper over the right-hand underside of the dashboard and mark out the shape of it with the pen or pencil then cut it out with the knife or scissors (the reference pictures will come in very handy here).

4) Do the same technique in step 3 on the centre pillar then cut those shapes out.

5) Cut out two strips from the vinyl about 10mm long by 2mm wide. Peel them from the backing and place them on the interior door handles (they don't look much like door handles but rather like thin protrusions).

6) Use the sheet of paper and mark out the shape of the circular section of the inside of the door then cut that out.

7) Using the shapes that you cut out in steps 3, 5 and 6, glue them on to the back of the vinyl with the side that you drew on facing the back of the vinyl.

8) Once all of the shapes are glued on the back of the vinyl, cut them out.

9) Place the shapes in their respective places to see if they fit exactly. At first they'll probably be too large so cut them to fit.

10) When the shapes do fit in their respective places, peel them from the backing and stick them in the place (It's probably best to peel and place them on by one).

11) When all of the vinyl shapes are in place on the interior, cut a very small circle from the vinyl (1mm diameter) and place it on the starter button (the largest button on the central pillar).

12) The painting is very straight forward. You can paint the seats without having to remove them as you only need to paint the front and the rims of the seats. Apply as many coats as you need until the original black colour of the seats no longer shows. You need to watch out that you leave the black rims around the holes on the head rests unpainted. If you leave the interior section by a heat source between painting each coat, you'll reduce the drying time. (I did all 8 coats in just 2½ hours when I left the seats near a radiator. Remember that if you used enamel paint instead of acrylic paint, you'll need to leave the seats/interior overnight to dry completely.

13) Once the seats have completely dried, place the interior section back on to the baseplate and screw it back up.

14) Now lower the bodywork with the dashboard/centre console on to the interior/baseplate section. Make sure that the steering is hooked up properly.

15) Finally, screw the last six screws to connect the baseplate to the bodywork.

Your modification is now complete.
If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact me by PM, or by asking a question in the form of a reply to this thread.
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Thanks for posting the tut. :goodpost
Great tutorial there CS_GT, I just might have to try that one :cheers :cheers
Thanks! :cheers

Me too, it looks so much better with the red.
Thanks for the step-by-step instructions Darren, I might be able to handle that... :nicejob :danbanna
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