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Hotwheels Diablo GTR - Completed

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Got a yellow GTR a week or so ago. I really don't like yellow as a color for any car.
And after seeing the results of mmc's repaint, I thought I'd give it a shot.

Before shot of the weak interior, engine bay and front ride height.

Here's where I'm at, after a couple days in the brake fluid bath.

I lowered the front end. Had to dig out the old Dremmel to make room in the wells, cutting down the door arms, and frame under the windshield. Didn't have any properly sized plastic tube, so I used some hollow square rod to bring the wheels up about an 1/8th of an inch. Looks lazy with the body pulled apart, but is hidden when assembled.

I spent a few minutes working on the engine detail. Simple black wash and painted the plugs/wires black.

The model came with a raw interior molded in a light beige, which carried over into the engine bay. It looked terrible, IMO. So that got a spray in satin black.
Seats are matte black with aluminum buckles on the harnesses.

Still not 100% on the color. Need to make a stop at Canadian Tire to check out the automotive rattle cans. I'm thinking of a darker brown with an orange pearl.
Also need a wire brush to get rid of the pain-in-the-a$$ remnants of yellow in all the corners.
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There must be two versions of the yellow one, because mine came with a black interior with red seat belts and silver buckles. Also, the front stance is lower on mine and I haven't touched it.


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Ahh, maybe the guy I bought mine from switched out the interior and didn't mention it. Mine has a passenger seat, and no cage. Weird.
I bet that is what happened as I see you have black door panels. It should have a full roll cage and no pass seat. In it's place there is a red reservour tank.
Here is my blue one and my black one.


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Sorry for the confusion, these are not repaints but factory.
Gavin, I think I lowered by following a tutorial someone posted.
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