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Hotwheels Ferrari F2003-GA

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I'm currently working on a conversion of the Ferrari to Marlboro decal. Does anybody here have experience on how to remove the existing decals on hotwheels models? I heard somebody said to use a nail remover solution but must be careful coz this might also remove the body paint of the model. Any bright idea, friend?
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Non-acetone? Is this written in the NPR label? The parts that I am applying is a metal, should be no problem, rite? Many thanks again!
Yes, Mattel does not apply a clear coating on their models. But Minichamps does. And I do not know why certain website offers sale of Formula 1 where the price of Minichamps are equivalent to Hotwheels.

In my country, the price of a Minichamp F1 is equivalent to 3 units of Hotwheels F1. And I can see that in Singapore there were driver discrimination as the price for Raikkonen is slightly higher than Coulthard, the same apply to Barrichello and Schumacher. In Malaysia, they were all the same price tag for all drivers.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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