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Hotwheels Ferrari F430 GT2/GT3/Street - Completed

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So, I've been going crazy in this cold weather without being able to paint any of my other projects. so I'm in the beginning stages of another.
I dismantled a Hot Wheels Foundation F430 I bought early on in my diecast resurgence.

I just order a boatload of parts, again from Legende Miniatures. (I have no affiliation, I just like the products and customer service.)
But they won't be here for another week or two.

To tide me over, I spent a few minutes at work throwing this together. The final goal for the Project.

I'm looking forward to this one.
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Pretty excited to hear that my parts arrived this weekend, and spent a bit of time playing around with how it will all look.

So the part list includes:
GT2 LM Front bumper/fascia
GT2/GT3 Bonnet
Wing for the 550 Maranello GT
GTC steering Wheel/Shifter
Yellow fog lamps
Side mirrors
Bucket seat.

\Also included for other projects:
Additional set of the stock F430 wheels (I busted the centre out of one of mine)
Some spare wheels and Slicks.
Alternate spoiler for my RWB 993
Porsche duck legs.

The seller threw in an extra bucket seat, Racing gauge cluster, antennae, and air jack/car valve(?)

Anyway, this is where it stands.

I'm using the rims from a Foundation 599FXX and the tires from a UT 911 GT2

I'll have to remove/preposition the wing's uprights to fit on the engine cover.

Here's a look at the hood and some other parts

The finish on, what I'm guessing are, Elite wheels is much nicer than what I had.

And, I finally got myself somewhat organized. No longer will I be digging through a shoebox of wheels.
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I can and will tonight, but they're for an NSX project.
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Thanks guys.

Can you take a photo of the car with the RG-II's?
Here it is. The wheels are a scale inch too small I think. I added a quick pick of where they'll end up.

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Hey, no problem at all. Phillipe is an awesome guy to deal with.
Yep same thing. His tactic worked, I suppose, hahaha.
Minor progress over the weekend.

Finally got he paint off and sanded her all down to a decent shine. Part of me wants to go crazy with a wide body, but then I convince myself that that's ridiculous.

So this part, I might take some sh*t for. I'm a car guy, definitely. But I'm just a designer, and honestly, know little to nothing about how cars actually work. And I don't follow any racing.
So all these things combined, I have come up with this thing.

I had to cut the 'trunk' out to make room for the low hanging scoop in the hood. I ended up grabbing some grill/intake from an Audi R8 LM, I believe. Cut up a clear plastic tube for Crazy glue, some sheet styrene, and Maisto springs wrapped in masking tape.
This is what it looks like. I'm 100% aware that it makes no sense, and I'm okay with it. This is for me, and noone who ever comes by the house has any interest in my hobby, so it's just you gentlemen I'm showing this to.

Whatever, it is what it is. Hahaha. Thanks for looking.
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Chipping away slowly on this one, as another project has stolen most of my attention.

Got some parts shipped in. I decided to go more plain-body racer than modified streetcar after all. Picked up a Roll-cage, gas traps and a slab of floor details.

Here's the rollcage tacked together.

I was having hard time with the front hood not closing properly, so I gambled on an idea I had using magnets.
I drilled through both components, carefully. Almost tension fit. But some super glue never hurt.

It totally worked. I was psyched.

I no longer have to tape the thing closed. Need to throw a dab of putty to cover up the magnet,
And next step is to figure out the bracket for the rear wing.
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I'll be keeping the wheels, sorry. Actually, they've already been put onto an R8 GT.
Thanks a lot!

Yeah the kit on the NSX is built up with putty on the body.
I've actually done a custom which is very similar to your sketch. It's based on a 360 though...
I'm familiar, and I'd be lying if I said your customs had no influence on this project.
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Finally pulled this one off the shelf.
Painted some of the interior stuff. No more red.

And got some paint and the first coat of clear on the body.

Small update, but it's progressing I guess.
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Well, I'm ready to smash a couple pieces in particular and take a break from modding. Been in a month long battle with the hood of another project and the body of this one.

Looking at the above pictures again, I'm not sure why I even bothered adding more clear. It's been a disaster ever since.
But, I figured I would put things together loosely, to persuade me into sticking with it.

It worked, I'm pretty excited about the final look.

Here's some pics of the interior/engine setup.

All the other body panels are good to go.

Here's the mock up.
Try to see past all the paint reaction/splintering,

Moving on, I guess.
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There's actually no pics of this thing in primer in this thread, oddly enough. Original color was silver, then stripped to raw metal.
Look at the nsx. Is that not primed?
The body is, doors and deck lid are not.
This one is just about wrapped. I'll be mounting the wing tonight and taking some decent shots shortly.
But here's a few, for the time being.

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