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I've really been waiting for this release. One the newest members of the Ferrari family, the F430, is now available in 1:18. Even though it's a HotWheels I had to get it anyway... :giggle

When I looked in the box in the shop I thought, hmm not bad... And 10 mins later at home I unpacked it and thought the same again... Decided to do a write up about it for all other people that are thinking of buying this.

Exterior - Accuracy=8/10 Detailing=6/10
It was built in the same way as the 360. Same hinges, same moulding line on the sides of the front bumper, same overall feeling, everything. :confused But the F430 is only better, the proportions and shape are surprisingly accurate, especially the front looks sharp. :nicejob The headlights are ok, so are the rear ones. The grille on the rear is actually transparent plastic with a mesh, another improvement compared to prevouis HotWheels. I'm a bit disappointed about the 'Hot Wheels way' the doors close, theres a large gap on the front and they don't really close. The intakes in the front bumper are not deep enough but thats not really a problem. F430 is actually written on the drivers side mirror. It's only hard to see because it's nearly filled up with paint... Overall, good job for a budget model!

Interior - Accuracy=5/10 Detailing=6/10
I'm not sure if I should give this a 5 or a 6... Overall it's not that bad, the detailing looks good. But the dials are hidden behind the steering wheel, hard to see. The handbrake looks well, HUGE. The seats are a bit small and far back... The proportions just don't seem to be right while the detail is quite reasonable.

Engine - Accuracy=6/10 Detailing=7/10
The engine seems a bit small, but it's detailed enough for a budget model, can't really say much more about this, I'll let the picture speak. :cheers

Tires/Wheels - Accuracy=7/10 Detailing=7/10
The wheels are a bit large and the tires are a bit thin, but it's not really a flaw. On the rear they also stick out a bit. The paint is a tiny bit too 'chromy'. The tires are not branded but have a very realistic feeling to it.

Brakes - Accuracy=7/10 Detaling=8/10
The brakes are actually very nice the disks are ok, they move with the wheels. The calipers are nicely detailed, Hot Wheels really did a good job here.

Undercarriage - Accuracy 5/10 Detailing 4/10
The undercarriage is simply not detailed at all, one piece with shapes in it. See for yourself:

Paint - Accuracy=7/10 Detailing=6/10
The paint layer is on the thick side. The F430 sign on the mirror is almost filled with it. The color is slightly brighter than the older HotWheels, the colors of the plastic bumpers are almost identical to the body color, which is an improvement over their older models.

Tampo/Decals - Accuracy=7/10 Detail=8/10
The scuderia shields on de sides are too small and off position. But for the rest the decals are pretty good. I especially like the prancing horse on the rear grill which is a chrome sticker with some depth in it!


Overall I think this model is worth the money if you like the F430 to be represented in your collection. Despite it's flaws it's still a lot better than most prevois HotWheels. Hope this is enough info for all potential buyers out there! I will get the Spider as well. About 30 euro is the right price... :cheers :cheers

Review added to the DX Model Review Database on 12-AUG-2005

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Beautiful pics and great review!

Couple questions: are the seats/floor just hard plastic or do they have some texture to them like in the Cobra Concept, and is there any use of stickers or paint for lights (can't tell because everything is red!)?


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Wow, thanks for the honest review on this model :nicejob

I would prolly pay the $30+ for this model just because I know aht I am getting based on you being honest about it :lol

Thanks for taking the time and doing a review and congrats on adding it to your collections :cheers

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I think i'll definitly be getting this model, especially after seeing your pics/review. The only 1:18 Hot Wheel models I have are Ferraris, and I don't really have any big problems with any of them (other than the plastic hood on the Enzo).

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