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How about new arrivals of 2005 June?

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June 2005 is probably the month that I spent the most money on the diecast models. First of all it was the Exoto 1/10 Ford GT40 MKII, and then Exoto 1/18 Porsche 935 Martini Finish Line. Then I finally got a one week vacation to go back to Taiwan, got the NZG 1/50 Grove GMK 7550 crane, Exoto 1/18 Ferrari 312T Lauda and Lego Enzo :giggle

Besides the GT40, I have to say that the most impressive one is the crane. The crane it self weights a bit more than 4 kilo, if with the weight balance and jibs, it should be over 6 kilo. It's about 1.2M tall when the boom is fully extended and 2.0M tall with the jibs! This is my first crane model and I love it! Oh dear, am I going to fall into another diecast trap??? :shipwrecked

OK even though the Lego is not diecast but still, I think it's very nice. The scale is about 1/10, doors and hook are openable, the pistons works when the rear wheels rotate.

The crane is USD 490, 312 is USD 200, and Lego Enzo is USD 160... The price is somewhat over priced but oh well... If you like it then it's worth it, right?

here are the pics
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They are all very, very nice but that crane is awesome!

Cograts on an impressive (and exspensive!) haul :nicejob
Indeed! That crane is striking! :nicejob
That's a can of worms that I don't want to even get near. :giggle
Hello Gucci720,

Your collection is fantasticly cool. :cool

The crane is insane, the 'jib' extends so far.

sweet! Congrats! :cheers
The coming credit card bill total must have a few digits on it! :scared
Congrats on the great haul. :cheers
Congrats Gucci720 :cheers great models and pics :coolpics I like the SLR :tongue
I realised how evil credit card is when my ma gave me her card when I was 17... I've never used credit card again since then, all cash! :giggle

For some reason these crane models aren't as popular in the US, I hardly see these items on Ebay. Anyway, I'm really happy about this model

Didn't know so many of you diecast maniacs are interested in the cranes. Here's the site that I got it from. Even though it's mandarin but still have a lot of pics to look at.


And here are close up pics of the crane I got.

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