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how do i

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hi all i just wanted to know what kind of paint do i use when painting a model car and also what kind of paint stripper do i use? are there any brands you prefer over another?
i also wanted to do a custom paint job of harliquen and i have the paint brand and name and colour for that so thats no probs just need a brand for a stock colour for my mustang pro-street drag car.
after i use paint striper what do i do then? can i paint str8 away or is there other stuff i need to do.
i have never painted a model car or used paint stripper on a model car so i just need a step by step 1, 2 & 3 help on doing this as i think its not the same as painting a real car...
also can you use paint striper over putty stuff and can you paint that stuff? as i do not have gr8 knowlage of doing this process..

thanks again

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For stripping, I use a product available here in the States from Home Depot, called Kleen Strip. It is an aerosol that will usually strip the paint off diecast in one application. Be careful to remove all the plastic parts from the model prior to stripping. Most paint strippers will melt the plastic parts (word from one who has done so).

Good Luck on your custom!

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