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How do you guys do it??!

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How do you maintain a collectioin and still be abtle to afford a nice 1:1, house, family and other other life's necessities? :giggle I'm a student at college and am considering stopping my collection (I collect Autoart models, Exoto, Minichamps and some of the Biante Australian models) becasue I'm "thinking ahead" so to speak as I really want an Audi S4 before I'm old!! Should I stop now and make some sacrifices? Or should I keep collecting, assuming a steady income when I leave school will keep me up to date with maintaining a collection, a real car etc later on? I know the most feasible answer would be to limit my collection somewhat and budget for this, but I'm sure we all know if we can't have what we want, there seems to be no point in collecting (if that makes sense LOL). All the models I buy are what I need for my collection, not what I want, so limiting myself makes it even more difficult.

I guess the gist of the thread is to know what your thoughts are, whether the other youngins out there have considered the same, and for the oldies :)giggle) to assure I'll be fine. I don't want to look at what I missed down the track once I get the car I want, house etc and feel regret for stopping my hobby. Conversely I don't want to continue collecting and realize later on that I couldn't get "other" things I want becasue of the expense of models. I've got another year to go with my course and I'll be a designer when I finish. Silly thread probably, but I thought I might share it!!

By the way, fantastic forums and finally I've decided to post :nicejob.

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:welcome aboard, JRH! :cheers

It all depends on your income. 10 years ago I wouldn't be able to afford my collection, and absolutely impossible when I was in college. Nowadays I can indulge myself, but back then it wasn't possible just because I didn't make enough money. With age comes certain advantages. :wink
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