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How Good Are Highway 61 Models?

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I hope this is in the right forum...

I was curious as to what you guys think of Highway 61's quality. Their midnight blue Olds 442 and Chevy C-10 pickup interest me, but I don't want to spend money on something that is ERTL-esque. I have a suspicion that Highway 61 is not too much better than an ERTL. Would I be right in assuming that? For those out there who have a Highway 61, who would you compare their detail to? AUTOart? Kyosho? Early GMPs? Welly? :confused I'd be interested to find out. Thanks, ya'll! :cheers
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I would say they are AUTOart or better. I think that they are the best value for the money. There is nothing Ertl about them but the name. :giggle The early ones had problems with the the BMF (chrome trim) not being applied right and it flaked of on some.

The underhood, interior and chassis detail is as good as most current GMPs. You will be blown away by most of their models and the two you want are dead on accurate.
WOW. That's quite the endorsement! Thanks, Al! :cheers This helps a lot. :happy
Be carefull as some of the earlier 442 are the ones with the flaking BMF. I have the PUB's exclusive midnight-blue 442 and it's fine. Also the convertible 442's should be fine.

I have one of the Coronet with the BMF problem and it's not that bad, it's just dissapointing that the rest of the car is perfect and this distracts from the beauty of it.

You can find some great deals on them if you look around. Good luck, and make sure you post pics when you get them! :cheers
Hope this is okay (posting an external link)--if not, edit as necessary.

I have a 442 from Hwy61 reviewed on my site. I'm very impresses with it. Here's a link:


I think it's more than OK, it is appreciated! :cheers I have that same car (as I am a sucker for black/red int. cars) but I have not taken it out of the box. :cry

Great review! :nicejob I think that Jacob will run out and get one after he reads it. :giggle
I have to sing the same song as Al and Joe on this one. Highway 61 does make some really nice pieces :cheers

I too have the Olds in Midnight Blue, its a Diecast Pub version. Not sure of the issue number without looking. But very nice indeed. :cheers

You will not be disappointed.

Thanks to Joes link, I may have to search for that convertible now :tempted
It's 1/502 for the Pub version and I think that Tom still has some available.
I would place Highway 61 above AUTOart and Kyosho. They've got lamentable QC and not-so-good fit and finish, but the rest is stupendous: lots of opening parts, great interiors, great price point, etc...

Highly recommended.
Just in case you need more incentive, I'd recommend them very highly as well. I'm not the expert most people here are, but I have two Hwy 61 and I'd compare them fo my Ertl Precision 100.
I didn't bother ranking Highway 61 in comparison to other manufacturers, as the Highway 61 cars in my collection are from an entire different era than most all of my other models.

I will definitely say they are above that of Ertl. I can say that as I have a few Ertl models from the era of the Highway 61 models in my collection.

Being that most of my AUTOart models are modern contemporary, comparing my Highway 61 models to them is comparable to apples and oranges.

If I had to make a comparison between Highway 61 and AUTOart.

Substance=Highway 61
Subject Matter=Highway 61 & AUTOart
Details=Highway 61 & AUTOart

So what does that mean=apples to oranges :lol
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Thanks for the feedback, guys! :cheers It's nice to hear the same thing from so many different people. :happy

Joe - Thanks for the review. Highway 61 is definitely better than what I expected. :danbana

Acisne - My name's Derek. Jacob is CollectorX. :lol
I have only one Highway 61 diecast and it is of a 1970 Plymouth Cuda
in purple witha black hood. This model is exceptional! Here is a link to
see some other Highway 61 cars up close.



I hope that these help!
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