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How many Bugattis by Autoart are there?

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Hi guys, I know the Bugattis Veyron and Chiron by Autoart were made with a very limited number but wondering what's the exact number?. For example, the Murcielago 40th Anniversary were made with only 2000 pieces worldwide, what about the Bugattis?, any idea?, thanks.

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Does anyone find it unusual that there will be more diecast versions produced than 1:1?

I know that this makes sense when model makers produce cars with a historic significance, but when the die cast production of a new 1:1 exceeds the actual production of the road version, it makes me wonder just what is trying to be accomplished?

Reminds me of "paint scheme of the week" for Nascar diecast, and if you are into a certain driver, the die cast manufacturer has you hooked.


1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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