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just thought i would be interesting to compare agains the exoto topic

i will start

i have 3

race transporter

sl300 r104

slr mclaren

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9 at the moment,

the M-B Fast Transporter,
M-B W25, W125, W154, W165, W196R Fangio,
Auto Unions Type C and D (with the separate display engine for the type C)
and the 1952 LeMans winning M-B 300SL

I hope to add the Targa Florio 1924 winning Mercedes and the new Maserati 250F in the not too distant future! :cheers

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I know that :giggle

My brother bought the Panamericana remember?
Soon afterwards, he got pursuaded to get the streamliner and mille milgia aswell....

I just drool all day long :lol

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I have none right now ... but am planning on adding the Ferrari 250GT when it some out. Most likely that will be the only one I get.. as I am no longer collecting 1/18 unless it is something exceptional

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All 1/18

CMC Transporter
W196 -Limited Editions #2, #6, #8, #10, #12
W154, Regular Edition and limited edition #24
W165, Limited Edition #16 and regular edition
W125, Limited Edition #12
Type D Limited Edition #4
Type C Limited Editon #5 and regular edition
Type C Engine
Mercedes Dealer Edition SLR
Mercedes Targa Florio
Mercedes 300SL Limited Edition #21
W196R Streamline Limited Edition #18 and regular ediiton

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I have 13 in total:

1- MB W196R 1954/1955 Streamliner
2- MB W125
3- MB Renntransporter
4- MB SLR Gray
5- MB SLR Blue
6- MB SLR Silver
7- MB SLR Red
8- MB SLR Black
9- MB SLR Graphite
10-MB Targa Florio
11-MB Targa Florio
12-Maserati 250F
13-Maserati 250F

I bought the 2 each of the Maserati and the Targa Florio. Got a great price and they are the absolute best 1:18 ( in my humble opinion) :310


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None for me and it will be staying that way.

They make nothing I like and the only car I do like isnt very good in my opinion

I`ll stick with my Exoto`s thanks :happy
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