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How to stop flat spots (Guide)

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I decided to try this. I bought some balsa type wood, cut it up into small pieces and tried it on my two new models, maybe I should paint them etc so they blend in, but its a cheap way to keep the tyres off the ground
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I put another on the opposite side for the models
In the cabinet, it doesnt look too bad
When we were racing, we just adjusted back a little off the rear brakes, that usually kept the flat spots off the tyres.

Seriously, I'd do two things:

1. Paint them flat black; and
2. Push them a little further under the model.

Me, I just roll mine about every three or four months, since I am on wooden shelves, they just seem to sink back into the same hole in the lacquer, but with a different side down.

I've been thinking about this more and more,which is why I spent the majority of the day moving around all of my models on their shelves.

I think most of mine will be fine as the temparature is fine, and they are now sitting directly on a wood surface.

This is not a bad idea by putting them on blocks. I'm sure some will require more blocks than others :giggle
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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