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I'll be reviewing the HSV GTS 300 in "Sting Red"

I apologise for no pics


The "Sting Red" colour has been replicated very well on this diecast. Paint application is near perfect, no orange peel, no pimples or blotches no thin areas, even underside of hood, inside of door, plastic parts are hard to distingush from the metal parts. All badges and logos are done by tampos and look very good.



AUTOart/Biante appeared to have capured the shape of the GTS 300 to a very high standard. The front has the same looks as the front of the real car, the lights are very well defined, almost like the real lights were shrunk down 18 times. The grilles are textured plastic, but not perforated. Panel gaps are a bit big in some areas, not as bad as some maistos, but would be better if all panel gaps were the smaller size. The front lip, side skirts and rear lip are all moulded correctly with all minor features such as creaselines in them, but the front lip on my model is kinda aligned badly, so the front left wheelwell looks odd. The creaseline from the front of the car runs to the rear spoiler as in the 1:1. door handles are separate pieces from the door, fronts have the handle, which has a hollow behind it and the key hole, but the same handles are present for the rear doors, never saw a car with keyholes in the rear door handles. Rear spoiler is moulded nicely and is separate piece to bootlid.



The cabin of the car has flocking to simulate carpet on the floor, and it done to a high standard. the dash looks good and is pretty much accurate to the real car. Insturment cluster is only a sticker, but is a good sticker that can be read with a decent magnifying glass. the radio has very good detailing. the gearstick looks a bit like a red blob, but has some detilaing on it, handbrake is located between driver's seat and centre console. the front seats have the bar thing under them that they slide on, but the seats are hard and can't move. but they are painted very well with the 'GTS" logo on them. same for the rear seats, seatbelts are present with chrome buckles. roof has the door light and the handles to hang stuff on, the sun visors also can flip down. the interior door panels are painted correctly and have a farr bit of detilaing, hinges are realistic.

The boot is flocked and has a Fire Extingusher in it, but the Extiungusher has no lablelling on it, also the inside of boot lid has indents on it, it opens on doglegs like the 1:1



THe rims are the correct 10 spoke deisgn. lugnuts look like they are separate pieces. the air valve is merely an indent in the rim. the tyres are branded and appear to be treaded correctly. The Brake discs have painted indents to simulate drilled discs, and they rotate with the wheels while the calipers are fixed, caliper have HSV text on them and are moulded correctly.



Engine appears to have good detail. Undersie of hood has back heat shield that has a felt feel to it. Warning labels are present on radiator top.the valve covers are painted correct red and have correct moulded parts and colours to it. There is a pipe that leads from the middle of the valve covers to a black boxy thing at the front left corner of engine bay, may be the supercharger, but I can't remember if the 1:1 was supercharged. funny thing, the lower grille is actualy see through, like it is perforated. suspension turrets have the top round bits painted silver. Battery has decent detailing but not wired. the 5.7 V8 fills up the engine bay quite well so it is hard to see lots of details that are not on the top.

On the undercarridge, the sump cover and steering/ suspension components are all black and nicely detailed. bottom of engine is silver as with the gear box. drive shaft is black and has universal joints moulded in, rear diffrential case is moulded well. suspension looks like it works but it doesn't. Exhaust system is quite good, from the exhust manifolds , past the cataylitic converters, to the rear muffler is all silver and mufflers have HSV text on them. rear muffler to exhaust tips are chrome but only exhaust tips hould be chrome, exhausts are hollow.



Biante is the sole manufacurer of the HSV VT GTS 300 in 1:18, and it is is a very good model os if there is a new player in the VT GTS area, they got lots of work to do if they gonna beat this car



This was a limited edtion of 5000 so it's not too readily avaiable, there was also a nblack version that sold significantly better. but now a lot of stores that still have some in stock have reduced the price to get rid of them.




quite a good score for a 2 year old model

hope you enjoyed reading my review!!

review added to the DX Model Review Database on 03-JUL-2004
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