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HW '05 White Corvette in 1/18

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While most other manufacturers would not call a 1/8500 a limited edition, I guess to Mattel it is. :giggle These white ones where at every retail store around here and disappeared overnight. And since AUTOart announced their price increased, I am glad I picked thi one up. The new price structure from AUTOart
Nothing to write home about as everything is what you would expect from an $17 Hot Wheels but I think that I will take this one appart and detail it a bit more.
I think that the specifics have been discusses so I'll just post pics.

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Al, for a company used to making at least 85000 pieces of everything, 8500 is a very limited series. :giggle
Al, I was looking at this model last night.

I immediately thought about taking a dremel to the top and making it a targa :giggle
I know that you and I talked about this, but I am going to do it to one with a tan interior and one that is not a limited edition. :giggle

Also, I got this a couple of week ago- a Jeweler's saw- at a hobby shop. I don't think I can go back to using a dremel. I broke the blade right before I took the pic, but it come's with 12 or so spare. You can make sore precise cuts.
The Dremel is for hack jobs. If you want precision, you have to use a saw like that.

Isn't the top of the C6 metal?

It looks pretty thick, do you think that saw will cut through it?
Actually, It seems that I will be easy to do as the targa top is only attached at the front by a couple of plastic ribbits.

Also, this saw cut through diecast with ease. An employee uses one to cut out coins, like the indian in the old nickles and makes snaps for belts and jackets. If it can cut that, our diecast will feel like butter.
I thought that I saw the targa molded to the rear pillar. :confused

Sounds like I need to retire my dremel and pick one of those up. :giggle
Actually it is at the back, but I was concearned more with the front as I was affraid of the cut between the targa and the windshield. The back has a good sepparation line to follow, but it has some big rear glass hinges (sorta dog-legs) that will have to disappear.

Once you pick up one of these, the dremel diecast work is going to feel like cutting your lawn with a chainsaw. It was something like $12.95 with the spare blades.
Where'd you pick it up from...please don't tell me the jewelry store as I cannot go tot he jewelry store and not pick the wife up something :lol
I bought this model at KB a few weeks ago.Not bad at all for $12.99.The KB near me has a ton of them and they keep restocking them. You need to be very careful with them because the paint has many imperfections.
Old thread with lost pictures, but I found the pictures (and many others) in a back up drive, so I am restoring them. I ended up making a targa out of it and using the Krylon Spray-on suede for carpet.


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