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HW 360 Mondena + 512M

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More new pics wit garage Dio :tongue
1>360 Mondena


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very nice pictures with your garage diorama :cheers

I like the 512, but i hope some better company will make this model
Thanks Ariel :cheers
Yes me too, hope some big gunz take the rights from Hot Wheels.
very nice models :cheers
Thanks Nadav :cheers
Have to keep an eye out for the 512M as well. . .
Your Ferrari garage seems very busy :giggle
Thanks cobalt1959 :cheers
Yep it was busy from 11am til 1pm was Ferrari special :giggle
No muscle cars? Are you sick today Johnny? Good pics anyway!
John bookcase #1 has no muscle cars in it :giggle only in bookcase #2 :tongue
Thanks :cheers
I love your garage dioramas.

As I said yesterday in your TME Lancer topic, it makes the models seem so realistic. The flooring in particular looks superb.

Thanks Jim :cheers Check out the F1 section too :giggle
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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