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HW 360 with lowered suspension

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I never really liked the way my 360 sat, so with my new Stradale on the way I figured now is the time to work on the Spyder. I first took the 360 apart, pretty easy, just 6 screws on the bottom, then took the wheels off, one screw at each corner. The wheels each slide onto a post with a stop to keep them from going all the way up. The way I lowered it was to use a dremel tool and a cut off wheel attachment to shave away the top of the wheel mount(the part attached to the wheel) not the post that the wheel slides onto. The wheel will now sit slightly lower when sitting on a table but the original ride height can be regained by adding a washer or two if you decide you don't like it. There is a bit of conflict with the wheel wells but not much. I like the new ride height enough to live with it at least. OK OK I know shut up and show us the pics right?
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Really nice! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob :cheers
Wow! Looks much better with the lowered suspensions!!! :cool1
Thanks. I only took about 1/16th of an inch off but it sure made a big difference.
Looks good. Thanks for the pics and the explanation. Doesn't sound too difficult, I'll have to remember that if I pick up a 360.
Thats one beautiful pic. :cheers
The 360 looks great with the drop. Great work D.O.!! :nicejob :nicejob Those are terrific photos too. :cheers
Awesome work :nicejob
Thanks for the tips :nicejob
Thanks. I'm thinking about raising the front a bit more than it is. It may be just a bit too low.
The springs are just right Dean O! Im thinking of doing the same now.
StygianMax said:
The 360 looks great with the drop. Great work D.O.!! :nicejob :nicejob
:iagree :drool
:drool :drool :drool it looks awesome Dean O
Now thats the height a 360 should ride at. Awesome work :nicejob
Nice improvement Dean O.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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