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HW Shelby in 1/18

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My son got this for his birthday and I was pleasantly surprised to see this much on a $15 budget car.

Sealed trunk.
Gaps are large on a couple of panels.
Tires are slicks all the way around.
The engine could use some black wash.

Nice paint.
Nicely detailed interior and engine.
The chassis and rear end are better detailed that most Hot Wheels.
Nice wheels and brake detail. The rotors spin and the calipers stay in place.
Good stance.
It appears to be in scale.

I know that AUTOart is supposed to release this one, but I (we) am (are) happy with the Hot Wheels effort. I would like to see it come out in red or blue w/white stripes.

Front 3/4

Side Shot

Rear 3/4



Exhaust detail


Front shot

With a sibbling.
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I really need this model :tongue

Thanks for sharing the pics :cheers
very ncie model :coolpics
Thanks! I had seen it on the shelf at WM, but walked away since I am in a temporary self-impossed buying ban. So it was nice for my son to receive it and I got to take pics of it.
Al, if your son has friends buying him diecasts, he really needs to hang on to them. . . :giggle I don't really care for this particular car, but for a Hot Wheels it looks like they did a pretty good job on it. The pics are great! Especially the one with it next to it's kin. . . :coolpics
I'm not a fan of the car, but the model looks good. Like you said, pretty good detail for a budget model. Is the floor carpeted or is that just textured plastic?
The friend's dad that gave it to him is a 1:1 Mustang fan too and he knows about the diecast collection. I too did not care much for the 1:1 of this car, but since it has the Shelby name, I needed one.
Thanks for the kudos and the pics. Thanks to the tip from Felix, I can post thumbnails now. :cheers
John, I think that it is textured plastic, but in the pics it does look like carpet. I'll have to check, but if it is, it will be a Hot Wheels first (Kyoshos don't count).
Congrats to the young man and :happybd :cheers

And thank you for giving us a nice review of this diecast. Not bad for a Hot Wheels. :nicejob
Man, it does look like carpeting, doesn't it? Are the seat belts seperate pieces or molded into the seats? Because they really look good. . .
For a Hot Wheels model, this looks pretty nice. :danbana :danbana
Thanks Darren, Eddie and Souky! :cheers

The seatbelts are molded in as part of the seats, but are well detailed.
Great Pics, Great Model.... but im not to fond of the new shape of this car maybe it will grow on me.
Hope I can find this locally too.

Nice pictures! :cheers :cheers

This definitely looks like Beanstalk to me. I think I now know who they sold the mold to :giggle
Wow, thanks for the pics and information, I had no clue this model was out!!! After seeing it in person twice, I've decided I must have this model!
That is nice, from Hot Wheels 2 wow. Congrat's to your son.

A blue n white mix would be nice also.

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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