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i am sooooo pissed off!!!!!

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REmember i was looking for the black Kyosho Daytona ?
well, i went to the local auth. retailer for Kyosho and they had 1 last piece availible on display...

so i took it.... checked the car and decided to buy it...
since it was on display, the salesperson had to screw it back onto its base n put it back into the box...

As i was in a rush , i paid for it and left.

Whne i got home, i took out the car in eager anticipation and LO N BEHOLD!!!!!
the side mirror is BROKEN!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOOO PISSED!!!!!!

it could NOT have been like that cos i checked thru the car very carefully and something like a broken mirror would stick out like a sore thumb.... also becos the car has only 1 mirror..... (not its just a stupid plastic stub where the mirror once was)

I am really really very disapointed and upset. the salesperson most likely broke the mirror when trying to get the car back onto the base... why can;t he have been more careful??? And this is the LAST Black Daytona...... F#@$)#@$#

And now, i have to waste my time and travel all the way down and get it exchanged for something else tommorw.... probably a black 328 or 365GT4/Bburago.... i was really really looking forward to this Daytona..and this s__t happens.... to the very last one too.... this really really SUX to the core!!!

:ranting :ranting :ranting :ranting :ranting :ranting
:horse :horse :horse :horse :horse
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Man that really bites!! I'd be feeling kinda sick too! Hope you can get it sorted out quickly and without too much trouble!. Just don't tomato the shop keeper! :scared :scared :giggle
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