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I emailed GMP with a question about...

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making 1/18 figures, like garage mechanics, in the future to use with their GMP garage accessories? Here's there response.

GMP said:
Stay tuned big announcements in 2005 on items you mention.
So it sounds like well be able to complete our garage diorama scenes!!! :woohoo
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Thanks Eric for that scoop. :cheers
Great news, Thanks Eric, they will be good for my #13 Yunick Camaro I hope.

GMP had this at one of the shows. AJ from the Pub took this pic. There is ever a shop dog! I think that it is a bulldog.
Good quality 1:18th figures would indeed be great! :cheers
Thanks for posting.

Who is the company making the lady figurines?
Do you mean the Fast Women?

I'm not sure :confused
I believe its the Fast Women.
It would be nice to have 1:18 sexy ladies posing with your diecast cars :)
You will be able to soon :wink
would love to see some driver figures to for road cars & racers!!!!!!
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