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I fear the worst

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I was on the Autoart website checking on their updates when I was suprised to find the yet unreleased Bentley speed 8 in the Motorsport section. I was under the impression it was to be made with opening features unlike the already released versions. Has AUTOart given up on making cool diecast? I hate to throw stones in my 1:18 glass house but it seems they're trying to up their prices by flogging these half rate diecast and the up-ing the price on their regular models.
The sad thing is, it seems that the motorsport division is doing well enough that they've decided to expand it.
It's almost like Exoto has taken over management of Auotart! :fight (I'm gonna regret saying that, aint I?) :scared

My :mine anyway.

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NO!!!!!!! :crying :crying :crying NOT THE CITROËN!!! :crying :crying :crying
Crap :ranting :ranting :ranting :ranting :ranting
Now I'm :ranting ed... Sooner or later they're also gonna transfer the Mazda 787B to the Motosport Division :enough :enough :enough :blastaway
Yeah, i mean WHY??? Solido also managed to make the correct versions with opening parts within months in 2001, why can't AUTOart do it then? :confused Or is it just for the money??? Cummon AUTOart, we want some good models on which we can drop our jaws on the beautiful interior and engine detail you can put in those things!!! :ranting :ranting :ranting
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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