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I finally decided...

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I did it. I went to a Do It Yourself this last saturday and found my new background.

I was hesitating about the color but the store helped me as it has only two of them : green and white. For me, the green one was too "dangerous" so I took the white one.
I know it is a "common" background and many other DXers have it but it was my only choice.

So here are some new pics of my old new additions...

Hope you will like them

Any feedback appreciated

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I really like your old background, particularly the one taken with the GT3RS'.

However, this one is an improvement, love the reflection :nicejob
When I asked for feedback I didn't think it would be so nice !!

Many thanks Darrick !!! Hope you saw my reply about the GT3RSs lighting.
Very nice, Thomas. White backgraound works great except for white cars, because it doesn't offer too much of contrast.
Thanks Luciano !!! I agree with you on the fact that it is not the best color for white cars. Not good for the contrast. But for example, with the BMW, which is not totally white, it permits to see the "non-white" details very well.

Try flipping the bg and use the other (white) side. You won't get the reflective effect, but it would hide the 'wrinkles'.

Another thing - try adjusting/playing with your EV settings and see what happens. :cheers
Thanks Souky !! I will try when I get new models !

But what are EV settings ?
EV - Exposure value.

Most digital camera have this option; it allows to you set the exposure value.

For example: If the light behind the Vette makes it appears dark or 'in silhouette', you could increase the EV and bring the car out from the shadow. :cheers
I love that reflection off the white background Thomas! I have tried to create that effect a number of times but have not been successful. How have you got your lighting setup?

The first time I saw diecast photos like that, it was in an Australian diecast magazine called "Diecast Downunder".
Thanks Felix !!
My lighting setting is quite simple... Sun, window and that's all.
The only thing I did is to be perpendicular to the window so that there is no reflections on the BG or the model and you can not see the window on the BG.

I will try this with lamp settings at night when I get my new models (on their way...) with the reverse side of the BG.

About the reflection, it is only due to the background (I think)
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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