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i got today the PORSCHE CARRERA GT made by MINICHAMPS this model amazing
just one thing ruin my happiness with my new model.
one i put out the roof from the trunk i found that i got the part that are the same
2 right side instead of one left and one right.

i need you help to how can i connect in MINICHAMPS to solve the problem to get the right part instead of the 2 right part roof.

i live in israel and the model bought in germany so this is little problem too .

i well thank to any one that can help me :)

moti tzuk

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You should contact the person you bought it from. I have bought alot of my dealer models from Germany and sellers usually are happy to rectify small (or big) probs. Hope you get it sorted.

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You can visit Minichamps website and make contact with them.

Be sure to include the above picture.

Congrats on getting the CGT, hope it all works out for you :cheers

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i finally got a new roof from Minichamps , in the secand time (like they say) they send to me.

now i got the most perfect model like it should be.

thanks , for the help , and big thanks for Minichamps.


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here is pictures of the beautiful carrera with and without the roof.
about the question :
they response right way and tell me that they send me but nothing come to my mail box for about 3 month (they tell me if nothing will come to talk to them again) , so i send them few emails and finally the send me again and after 5-6 days it's come.

let's give the pictures to talk.

::::Isramodel that's my home::::
xman :wink
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