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i have problem with my PORSCHE CARRERA GT

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i got today the PORSCHE CARRERA GT made by MINICHAMPS this model amazing
just one thing ruin my happiness with my new model.
one i put out the roof from the trunk i found that i got the part that are the same
2 right side instead of one left and one right.

i need you help to how can i connect in MINICHAMPS to solve the problem to get the right part instead of the 2 right part roof.

i live in israel and the model bought in germany so this is little problem too .

i well thank to any one that can help me :)

moti tzuk
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You should contact the person you bought it from. I have bought alot of my dealer models from Germany and sellers usually are happy to rectify small (or big) probs. Hope you get it sorted.
You can visit Minichamps website and make contact with them.

Be sure to include the above picture.

Congrats on getting the CGT, hope it all works out for you :cheers
i finally got a new roof from Minichamps , in the secand time (like they say) they send to me.

now i got the most perfect model like it should be.

thanks , for the help , and big thanks for Minichamps.

Congrats I hope to see pics of it soon!
That's great to hear Minichamps fixed your problem. :cheers About how many months did it take them to send you that proper peice from the time you contacted them about it?

By the way, welcome to the DX Forum xman.

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I'm glad it worked out for you

I sent you PM, hope you will answer me
:welcome & Congrats Moti :cheers
Thats good to hear :cheers

Great news!
Congrats on having your model with the correct pieces :cheers
here is pictures of the beautiful carrera with and without the roof.
about the question :
they response right way and tell me that they send me but nothing come to my mail box for about 3 month (they tell me if nothing will come to talk to them again) , so i send them few emails and finally the send me again and after 5-6 days it's come.

let's give the pictures to talk.

::::Isramodel that's my home::::
xman :wink
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:lol :lol :lol
See DX Top Sites :eek:k

nice pics :coolpics
:coolpics That really looks like a fantastic model! Glad you got the problem worked out but it should not have taken so long! :pullhair
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