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I just got back from Exoticar with some new...

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Here are my 3 new additions!!! Click link to view entire album. :cheers

Porsche Carrera GT

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Congratulations Eric, I'm catching up, only 104 to go :cheers
Congrats Eric!!! :cheers
Last week I pasted the 215 mark valued at $8000 with the addition of
the 1969 Mustang Trans Am #15 by Welly, the Dodge Tomahawk by
Maisto and a T200 Bobcat Skidloader by Ertl.
Wow, your collection is going strong. I still haven't passed the 90 mark.
congratulations Eric, I am barely making past half of that.
Wishing you 120 bundles of happiness more! :cheers :cheers
WTG Eric. Congrats. :cheers
WTG! Eric! :nicejob
Congrats Eric!! :happy
That's A lot of amazing models... :rockon
Way to go, Eric! :cheers
Congratulations, Eric! :cheers
Very impressive, Eric! I love that GT! :cheers
congrats on beautiful models how much was the 997's? :confused :coolpics
They were both $49.95 each. :cheers
21 - 34 of 34 Posts
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