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I know these have been seen here before...

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Both AUTOart

Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5 16V EVO2 (glad to see AUTOart abandon screws to attach models in their boxes)

BMW 502 V8 Limousine 2.6 Luxus (no screws here either but there should have been :giggle . Mine broke free and managed to lose the front plate - no biggie)

Two wonderful new releases from AUTOart but they also came with those equally new and not so wonderful price increases. :ranting Oh well, it's helping in the restraint department. :giggle If not for those new prices I'd likely have a half dozen other new releases - BMW 328, Bugattis, Mustangs...
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Both are very nice but this one's my absolute Favorite, must get it but don't know where?

Well done on adding both to your collection :cheers
Didn't know you got the 190E. This is the one with the "Mercds" engine block?
RichardM said:
Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5 16V EVO2 (glad to see AUTOart abandon screws to attach models in their boxes)
WTG Richard! :cheers I've been eyeing this one myself. :tempted
Nice , very nice .

That Merc Evo is my kind of car , dropped on its a$$ , big wheels , even bigger spoiler and a "dont mess " look.
This one is high on my list . Great pics too

Congrats Richard :cheers
Congrats RichardM!

I'm glad to see that your not loosing interest in collecting after all. :giggle

Congratulations, Richard - two great models
Congratulations, RichardM! The paint job on that 502 is delicious! :tongue
:iagree It certainly looks the business. A great model Gary - you won't be disappointed (unless you can spell :lol ).

Is this the same model that has Mercedes spelled wrong on the engine cast?

I have not heard to many people make complaints about it, so I am wondering if there were only a few with misspellings.
:iagree :iagree

Congrats of both of them Richard :cheers
Congrats on your latest additions! I've seen the 502 in person at my local store (who rarely display his models becasue they sell out fast), the details are amazing! Too bad they are so expensive. The Evo 2 is awesome too and it'll have a perfect partner once AUTOart release the race versions.
Yes, it is spelled "Merceds" on the valve cover. A small mistake that adds to diecast lore I guess. I'm not bothered by it.
:cheers Congratulations :cheers G :coolpics reat models :nicejob :nicejob
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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