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I really miss this forum !!

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Hi everyone !!

I am back after 5 days without DX !!
I must admit that 5 days without DX are really hard to live !!!

Actually I am now in Germany and don't have anymore "easy" internet connexion.

So I just wanted to say hello here because DX is great community and I really miss it !!

Worse, I think I won't buy anymore diecast for the following month ! :cry :cry Cos I need money to live and eat !!

I will make everything possible to go back here ASAP !!!
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What's up Thomas! Nice to see you drop in and say hello. :cheers

So how is Germany? Anything interesting/exciting happening? And when will you be back home?

I hope all is well. Stop by anytime and say hello. You have alot of catching up to do, my friend. :happy

Take care now. :cheers
Hi Vatabot

I'm sorry you've had to suffer withdrawal symptoms, but you're back now

Glad to see you here and enjoy your time in Germany
Vatabot, I know what you are going through.

I've just been to Spain for 5 days, and I wasn't able to log on :cry . One plus point though is that when I got back to the UK there were plenty of new posts to read, so it wasn't all bad.
Darrick had made a few changes to the forum too.

Hi Thomas!
Nice to hear from you :cheers

How long are you in Germany?
I was wondering where you were :lol
The day I was going to go thru the log and see when your last post was you showed up!
Hello Jeff,

If I was away for any longer I would have gone and found an internet cafe.

I did my best though. I logged off only 2 1/2 hours before my plane took off, and logged on again 3 hours after landing. I'm not addicted though! :giggle

Its good to see where your priorities lie Jim.

Welcome back and I hope you enjoyed your Holiday . (I presume it was a holiday ) :cheers

Thomas Hope youre enjoying yourself . Stay safe . :cheers
Gary it was a 'stag do/ lads holiday' to Magalluf. I'm still feeling the effects now. :giggle

Never again! :help

Vatabot - I hope you are having an enjoyable time too in Germany.

Hey Thomas! It's great to see you alive and well. I guess this means you survived your exams. :happy :happy If you find time to take pictures of the town you're staying in, feel free to post some up in "Off Topics" too.
I will try to Felix !!

The problem is that I haven't any internet connexion at home.

It is only in my laboratory...and I must work more than being on DX

And I am staying here 4 months !!! It's gonna be a hard time.

The place is nice but for the moment it is raining (..again as a Supertramp would say... :lol )

I think I will enjoy my stay. But I am to far from my Diecasts !!! And can't update my website either ! :cry :cry :cry
Hi Thomas good to hear from you. Taking a pictures whiler your away?
Good to see you pop in, Thomas!! :cheers
4 months away from home gotta be tough. :cry

The good thing is that it's all for the best, so hang in there, buddy. We'll be here! :happy

Be safe. :cheers
Thomas and Jim,

Glad to see both of you are still around. :cheers

Travel safely and be sure to post those new additions. :giggle
Yes do take care & it's good seeing you.
Thank you all !!!! :cheers

It is good to know that there will always be a place to go when some bad times occur !!!

This forum is really the best thing I have seen on the Internet !!! :happy :danbana
i feel for you. this is like walking into a bar and everyone yells out norm like in cheers.:cheers
You are so right !!! It feels really good !!!
I must buy a new diecast !!! Only for the pleasure to come back here and share !! (and for mine too of course...)
Hey Thomas!

How are you doing? Did you get that 917/10?
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