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Let's say there's a ridiculously unfair law strangely directed at us that governs to have no more than 15 models and that the rest would have to my sacrificed due to metallic sources outtage (please bear with me!). :giggle

So which ones would you choose?


Here's my list (in no particular order):

1. UT McLaren F1 LM
2. UT McLaren F1 GTR #59
3. UT McLaren F1
4. UT Porsche 911 Turbo S
5. Kyosho Daytona Competizione #64
6. AUTOart 917K #23
7. AUTOart Toyota GT-One #3
8. AUTOart Subaru WRX STi
9. Exoto Sauber C9
10.UT BMW M3 GT3 PTG Racing
11.Kyosho BMW M3
12.Minichamps BMW M3 GTR
13.AUTOart M-B CLK-LM #2
14.UT BMW M3 Coupe (estoril blue)
15.AUTOart Mitsubishi EVO VII*

*#15 was the hardest as it beat out a Sebring Viper GTS-R, orange Lambo GTR, blue R34 Skyline, TRG GT3-RS and UT Mercedes DTM

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OK...after lots of looking around and making though choices...and not completely happy with it....

1.AUTOart Maybach 62 dealer ed
2.AUTOart CL 55 AMG Safety car F1
3.AUTOart CLK LM # 35
4.AUTOart 190E Zung Fu # 9
5.CMC Renntransporter
6.CMC Targa Florio # 10
7.CMC W 196R Fangio # 18
8.Revell 300 SE black
9.Kyosho CLK convertible dealer ed.
10.PMA 300 SL
11.PMA 500 SL dealer ed.
12.UT C36 AMG
13.Guiloy C 112
14.Exoto C9 Michelin
15.Exoto C9 #63 winner Le Mans

:ranting :cry :pullhair

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Five you say... hmmm... would have to be the following for me.

1. kyo BMW E60 M5
2. kyo BMW E46 M3 CSL
3. kyo BMW E46 M3 coupe/ cabriolet
4. UT BMW M coupe (met red)
5. AUTOart Lamborghini Murci 40th

ok 15 it is...

6. Minichamps BMW Z1
7. UT Mclaren F1 GTR
8. CMC Mclaren SLR
9. UT BMW M-Coupe (met red)
10. kyo BMW E46 Individual Cabriolet
11. AUTOart Porsche 996 GT3 & GT3RS
12. BBR Enzo
13. AUTOart AMG CL 55 Safety Car
14. Minichamps Bentley Arnage
15. Minichamps Bentley CGT

:cheers :hot

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Well, I'd have to put aside the special cars in my Peter Brock collection...
1. Biante 1969 Brock/West Holden Monaro 350 (first Bathurst race)
2. Biante 1972 Brock Holden Torana LJ XU-1 (first Bathurst win)
3. Biante 1977 Brock/Brock Holden Torana A9X (great colour scheme)
4. Biante 1978 Brock/Richards Holden Torana A9X (Bathurst winner)
5. Biante 1996 Brock/Mezera Holden Commodore VR (best livery on an Australian car ever)
6. Biante 2004 Brock/Plato Holden Commodore VY (last Bathurst race)

...and then some Bathurst winners...
7. Biante 1989 Johnson/Bowe Ford Sierra RS500 (great looking machine)
8. Biante 1996 Lowndes/Murphy Holden Commodore VR (youngest ever winner)
9. Biante 2003 Murphy/Kelly Holden Commodore VY (dominated the whole race)

...a couple more Bathurst cars that didn't win, but look great...
10. Biante 1984 Johnson/French Ford Falcon XE (mean looking race car)
11. Biante 1978 Moffat/Ickx Ford Falcon XC Cobra (classic blue/white stripes)

...something from Le Mans...
12. UT 1997 Raphanel/Gounon/Olofsson McLaren F1 GTR Longtail (first Le Mans car in my collection)
...a splash of Vorsprung Durch Technik...
13. Minichamps 1991 H-J Stuck Audi Quattro V8 (aggressive looking and successful)
...a wild paintscheme...
14. UT 1996 Alexander Wurz Opel Calibra (obvious reasons)
...and finally, probably the best made car in my collection...
15. Classic Carlectables 1972 Leo Geoghegan Chrysler Charger E49 (brilliant looking car and furious detail to boot)

Hmmm....too much thought went into this... :giggle

I reserve the right to change my mind tomorrow...

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This required much too much thought at this time of night :confused , but today's list (it will be different tomorrow) is, in no particular order :

Top 5:
1. GMP 1/12 Ford GT 40 MK II (#2 LeMans '66)
2. Exoto GT 40 MK IV
3. Exoto Cobra Daytona Coupe
4.Kyosho Lambo Jota
5. Minichamps Porsche 917 (Donohue)

Next 10:

6. Exoto Sauber-Mercedes C9
7. Exoto Ford GT 40 MK II
8. AUTOart Lambo Miura
9. CMC '54 Mercedes W196R Streamliner
10. Exoto Chaparral 2C
11. Kyosho Ferrari 365GTB Competezion
12. Franklin Mint 1/12 '67 Corvette
13. Minichamps Porsche 956
14. Exoto Lotus Type 49 (Clark)
15. Exoto Porsche 935

As you can tell, I'm more into historic cars than anything else, given that the "newest" car on this list is at least 16 years old! :cheers

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If I have to pick out 15 models from my collection it would be this... in no particular order.

-Kyosho BMW M3
-Kyosho BMW M3 Convertible
-Kyosho BMW M3 CSL
-AutoArt BMW M3
-AutoArt BMW M3 CSL
-AutoArt BMW 2002L
-Kyosho BMW M5
-Kyosho BMW Z8
-Kyosho BMW M6
-Kyosho BMW 7-Series
-Kyosho BMW X5
-Kyosho BMW Jenny Holzer BMW V12 LMR
-UT BMW Sandro Chia BMW M3 GTR street
-Minichamps BMW Frank Stella BMW 3.0 CSL
-Minichamps BMW Z1

Took me long enough. :giggle

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metallic sources outtage
:giggle ...Gianny your nuts

If I had to pick 5 or 15 , these would be mine

1. UT Porsche GT2 Evo
2. Exoto Porsche 935 Brumos
3. Biante DJR Sierra RS500
4. AUTOart Porsche GT3RS Asia cup winner (Kwan)
5. CC Ford Falcon XR8 Shell Helix

6. UT Porsche Turbo S
7. UT Porsche GT2
8. UT Porsche GT2R Superflow
9. AUTOart Aston Martin DB5 - 007 Version
10. AUTOart Porsche GT3 R - Recaro
11. AUTOart Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 WRC
12. AUTOart Subaru Impreza WRC 22B
13. Kyosho Lancia 037 Monte
14. AUTOart Porsche 917L
15. AUTOart Lotus Cortina

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I don't think that I could do it...only 15..heck, I think that I would prefer some time in the slammer than have to give up my collection... :lol However, if the men in white coats were threatening to take me away from my models forever unless I complied, then I think it would have to be as follows.....

PMA Dealer SL500
Exoto Sauber C9
PMA Audi V8 Quattro DTM 1992
AUTOart 190E EVO 2 1992 DTM
AUTOart 1999 Ford Explorer Himalaya
AUTOart Mitsubishi Evo VI Makkinen
PMA 300SL Gullwing
AUTOart 996 GT3RS
UH Land Rover 110 Station Wagon
AUTOart CL55 AMG F1 Safety Car
AUTOart 2002 Holden HSV Clubsport
Norev Citroen C3 Pluriel (seriously..)
AUTOart G500 LWB
CMC 2003 SLR
Dealer AUTOart Maybach 62

Phew that was tough...
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