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The kid down the street from me purchased a WRX a few weeks ago. He's 17 years old, still in highscholl and works part time when he is not playing baseball.

Very nice kid, every time he sees me, he goes out of his way to talk to me. He tells me about how he is doing in school, his girlfriend, his sister and brother, I mean everything and of course cars.

He saved up to get this WRX for three years he told me and finally got enough saved to get it. His parents each threw in a few grand as a early birthday gift, his birthday is Friday.

Well I saw his mom at the community mailbox a few weeks ago and she told me about his birthday and how much it would mean to him if I stopped by.

Well I agreed to do so.

That same night, I went online and used the BIN feature on a WRX New Age STI, the one with the full roll cage. Paid instantly.

Well the seller(I'll disclose his name in a second) doesn't contact me immediately, should have been a red flag there. So I contact them via a generic email stating I paid for the item and to pack securely as this item will be used for a gift.

A day later he replies back saying the item was sent the same day it was paid for. It did arive rather quickly.

Last Friday, I get the package and open it up, its the wrong damn car, he sent me the street version. So I send him an immediate email stating its the wrong car and I will be sending this one back to him as it is of no use to me as it wasn't what I wanted nor paid for. He replies back saying they will pay for the return shipping up to Prioroty Mail and not Express Mail. I reply back saying ok, that it would be mailed on Saturday and I look forward to getting the right model as it was going to make for a perfect gift.

I stressed to him twice this was going to be a gift. Twice.

You know what happens today, the f**ker sends me a full refund back. He then sends me a email stating this one liner: "We have sent you a full refund"

Nothing else.

I'm not looking for an explanation on their business practices, but these motherf**kers could have told me this prior till today and I could have looked elsewhere.

I cannot believe this.

I sent them an email today that said, "Please leave feedback so that I can do the same".

Being they knew the situation behind it, I would expect a little more sense of professionalism from them.

Now I'm going to see if Justin from DiecastFast can overnight me one, I should have went through him in the beginning, but I figured the $20 I was saving was a deal. Boy was I wrong.

The sellers name is deartoy!!!

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DearToy is quite an arrogant one if I recall correctly. Gary and Gian had some ill dealings with this guy.

Sorry to hear about your prob Darrick, but at least, you did get all your monies back whihc ir already ok. But... what a idiot seller, I hope he gets what he deserves in your feedback.

Goodluck on finding a suitable gift BTW.

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This is whats wrong with society, nobody cares if the don't do what they are supposed to do.
I have heard stuff about this seller as well.

What is it with bad diecast dealers lately???

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Another problem with sellers is they need to start leaving feedback as soon as payment is recieved. I hate dealing with sellers who hold feedback hostage.

I will more than likely leave positive feedback as he refunded my monies, but a neutral feedback may be more appropriate as he knew the situation as a whole.

I'll never deal with them again. I wonder if they are "passionate" about the hobby too :pullhair

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What a prick! :rant This sound as one of those people that have a quota of people to f*ck every week, just for the laughs. Bastard! Hopefully, what goes around really does come around.

And I really can't understand eBay. ML here in Brazil withholds feedback information from both parties until BOTH leave it, so you never know what the seller/buyer will say about you before you say something about him. If one side doesn't leave feedback, nobody gets feedback. What the heck is so complicated in adopting this system? :pullhair

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That vendor is a turd!! :pullhair :pullhair I don't understand why some people have so much trouble putting a little more effort into things, esp. communicating with others. Some eBay vendor are just the pits when answering questions/addressing issues.

Darrick....that's a really nice gesture on your part to find that New Age car for your friend. I'm sure he will just adore it as it's coming from you.

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Just incredible. This is similar to a situation I have, where I am the seller. I accidently sent the guy the wrong item... completely my fault! The difference here is that on the day I received his email, I apologized and shipped out the correct item to him. (As it is a Minichamps, I did not even ask for the other item back.) Just makes sense to do business correctly -- at any level. I will avoid that seller altogether.

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Man that sucks!

It seems to me that Damntoy threw his hands up in the air and said I give up.

Sorry to hear of this sellers piss poor attitude.

Well at least we know to steer clear of this seller.

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That cocksucker sent me this email after I asked him for my feedback:

On 10/26/05, david shtok <[email protected]> wrote:

We usually leave feedbacks after buyer do.
Here is my response to him:

And why is that?

I fullfilled my obligation to you once the item was paid for. Feedback should have been left by you at that time, not when my feedback is left.

If you read eBays Policies on Feedback you will find what your doing is labeled by eBay as "Feedback Extortion" and Feedback Abuse". Read up on it as I just did.<wink>

As this really isn't a big deal, its the principle of the matter that counts the most. You holding some funky little feedback from me isn't the end of my world, but its about the principle of it all.

Feedback hostage is something chickenSh*t sellers do when they are not competent about their service. Which is obvious by you sending me the wrong product after I stressed to you the item I was buying from you was a going to be for a gift.

You didn't even have the guts to tell me you wouldn't be sending me the correct model, you just issued a refund to me and made no mention of having or not having the model.

Your sales actions were less than professional, insensitive, arrogant, misleading and most deserving of the attention of future customers. Something that will be brought to the attention of every collector who logs on to a diecast forum.

Funny thing about it, I had every intention of leaving you a positive feedback as I had no reason to leave a negative. And truthfully I still don't as I recieved all of my money back from you.

You leaving me a positive feedback should not have to come with conditions, I paid for the item immediately after purchasing it. My obligation was done, I should have been awarded feedback at that time. NO exceptions. Period.

But once again it goes back to principles. I'll play your little stupid feedback game, but I GUARANTEE you that you have more to loose than I do. I should have heeded the warnings by collectors who made a mention of your arrogant services. Now I am forced to sing the same song and dance as them...oh well.

Like Mel Gibson said in the movie Ramsom: "Give me back my son!!!", well I am saying "Give me my darn feedback!!!".

Thanks for nothing...but its not over till the fat lady starts flapping her burger chompers.

See ya on the other side.
I'll play his game, but I bet he gets tired before I do.

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I thought about that. However, in the past when someone posted their problems with sellers on eBay, we kindly asked them to take to eBay Feedback system.

I can't make up the rules and then NOT follow them. :tempted

BUT...<evil grin>...there is already a topic discussing "Feedback Hostage", I may have to jump through that loop hole :wink :giggle :lol

If someone is willing to ask me to disclose this sellers information in the open forum, I would gladly do so and post all of our correspondence too.

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Gian sent me a pm informing me that he was having a problem with this same seller and wanted to know if he could alert would be buyers of this guys practices.

He originally wanted to post in the Feedback Forum, I told him no in that aspect.

I gave him expressed permissions to post in the GD Forum as a warning to would be buyers of this sellers practices.

I don't want this to be eBay battle ground, but alerting bidders of possible problems is a good thing.

I think that if I had posted this topic in the open forum, maybe he and others would not be going through similar issues as they would have been forewarned.

Seems as if this seller is going through some major problems as he has a ton of negative feedback recently.
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