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There seems to be some misinformation and/or confusion about DX's relationship with www.diecastx.com whether it be deliberately or mistaken identity.

DX has no relationship with the retail site of www.diecastx.com and I can guarantee that I'm not the owner of that site. I don't have any information to provide about the site nor owner as I don't know much if anything about them at all.

It just so happens, the website happens to be the same as my User ID. My User ID was randomly generated when I created DX, nothing special about it. I'm pretty sure that a few collectors may use the same User ID as there is nothing special about it.

I'm not trying to "dupe anyone, by launching another site and then marketing it here to unsuspecting members to profit from them". I don't ever recall www.diecastx.com being promoted here on DX...until now atleast.

So I will say it once more, DX and www.diecastx.com has no relationship, publicly or privately...regardless of how close the domain names appear.

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Oh my, thats my first time seeing the infamous blue dress. :giggle

I thought everyone would have read this and it would have died by now :badidea
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