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I'm really disappointed. zinc pest

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I was going to take some shots earlier today putting my (Kyosho) M3 and (AUTOart) M3 CSL together. I opened the bonnet on the Kyosho and it came off in my hand. You probably can guess what I said after. I always treat my models gently and kept them away from sunlight and in a cool environment as recommended so I'm really surprised and disappointed especially since the model is only three years old. The boot (trunk) was broken as well. In fact it hadn't just broken, tiny parts of the metal hinges had disintegrated. To cap it all, there were lots of tiny fissures in the hinges. :cry :cry :cry

I dismantled the model to get the broken bits out and at a closer look I found that Kyosho used oil (or a similar lubricant) on the hinges for the bonnet and the boot. Is it possible that this lubricant could have weakened the metal in such a fashion? :feedback I've had my Honda NSX by Kyosho since mid-1996 and it has no oil on the hinges and it remains in pracitcally perfect shape.
I'm really disappointed as this was one of my favourite models. :ranting :ranting
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woah...that's strange...how did the hinges just disintergrate....
hope u can get em fixed
Ouch... That's very bad. :cry
That's terrible! I have a coupe and convertible Kyosho M3 and I think I'd better inspect the hinges carefully!!! :cheers
Feel for you Darren, that's a real bummer :ranting :ranting

Could someone have done this and place the hood and boot lids back in place???? ie : kids in the house!!! Did you feel the hindges bend before they snapped off when you opened hood and boot lids due to being soft as you may be onto something with the lube idea. Never heard or seen this before, maybe a cast issue with these parts aswell :confused
Darren, the 1st thing that comes to mind is that someone messed with your car. Oil does not attack metal or metal alloys (what would be of modern engines if it did).
Sorry to hear of this. I just checked my Kyosho M3's and indeed there are oil there which I never noticed before. I don't know how it would be the cause either but I'm wiping them clean just in case.

Just checked my Z4 and oil on hinges there also. :ranting
I have seen some Ertls that had sections of them totally disintigrate due to the metal under the paint not being completely clean before it was painted.
It almost looks like the car rusted away with out the rust.
There are also some FM's showing the early signs of this.

It is strange that it would attack only the hinges :confused

Another odd one was an Ertl that blew its self apart in its box.
It was the strangest thing you ever saw!
I think it was posted on the Pub a couple of years ago.

I have often worried about the long term health of these very expensive bits of plastic and metal :scared
Darren - i think you have been unlucky. I've never heard of this before.
Diecasts can be pretty weird at times. You've got 'rusting' Kyoshos, 'exploding' Ertls, and 'melting' UTs. I don't know whats going on.

Look on the bright side though. You have an awesome source of parts for your next custom!

That's terrible, Darren! :cry :cry :cry

Sorry to hear that. I would also suspect someone may have accidentally damaged it. I hope you can get it repaired. :cheers
You should write to Kyosho and explain the problem to them. If it has happened once, it should have happened many times before, with them too. Lets see what they have to say about the matter.
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