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Over the past month, the staff and myself have been dealing with numerous spam topics. As it was an isolated incident we treated it as such and addressed each case on a private manner. Well its not an isolated anymore as we are dealing with every day lately.

I do not like spending every waking moment moderating these forums as I would like to enjoy them as well. I can almost guarantee the staff likes it even less being that they are volunteering their time.

DiecastXchange is not an advertising billboard.

If you have a diecast related site, I would love to help you promote and even provide a redirect forum in the Top Sites Forum. A courtesy post to myself, other Admins or even a Ringer is all that is requested. Simple, harmless and most often effective.

But please do not bombard DX with tasteless advertising/promoting that amounts to nothing more than spam. Its not appreciated nor will it be tolerated.

If you have a non diecast site that you would like to reccommend to members, that is not a problem either.

Addressing this in a open forum has been by last option as I have been reluctant to do so. But since its not getting any better, arguably worse, I have not alternative to nip it in the bud right here, right now.

If anyone would liek further clarification, please click on the link in my signature and you can read more about it under section 12. Spamming.

If you do not find the answers you seek there, shoot either myself or one of the staff members a pm or email.


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It is a shame that you have to post something of this nature. You started DX for people to come here and enjoy the exciting world of diecast collecting in an open and free forum, and then to have some come and $hit on you like that- ITS JUST WRONG :ranting Its lazy thoughtless people that ruin it for the rest of us.


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Take it somewhere else please. All spam will be deleted and the author will not be notified.


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I think you should take it a step further, Darrick - why not ban the spammer, starting with say a week or two the first time and increasing to an indefinate ban after the third offense

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Its easier to post a reset than ban a member.

Spam isn't the end of the world, we sometimes deal with tougher issues, but the spam gets really annoying. Especially when it starts to build up post after post after post.

So a quick reset will hopefully exterminate it, if not Souky has a sledgehammer :lol
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