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Hi everyone.

I'm currently putting together a list of cars that have been produce in 1:18 scale which won the Indy 500. I've done similar lists for LeMans winners and F1 World champs.

Obviously there are massive holes (Thanks God for Carousel 1!!!!!) in there but I'm sure Minichamps/UT produced a few of the late 80's to early 90's cars. I searched the huge list on scale 18 but they didn't have many listed. If anyone could fill in some holes that would be great.


Year Indy 500 Winners

1911 Ray Harroun
1912 Joe Dawson
1913 Jules Goux
1914 Rene Thomas
1915 Ralph DePalma
1916 Dario Resta
1919 Howdy Wilcox
1920 Gaston Chevrolet
1921 Tommy Milton
1922 Jimmy Murphy
1923 Tommy Milton
1924 Lora L. Corum
& Joe Boyer
1925 Peter DePaolo
1926 Frank Lockhart
1927 George Souders
1928 Louis Meyer
1929 Ray Keech
1930 Billy Arnold
1931 Louis Schnieder
1932 Fred Frame
1933 Louis Meyer
1934 Bill Cummings
1935 Kelly Petillo
1936 Louis Meyer
1937 Wilbur Shaw
1938 Floyd Roberts
1939 Wilbur Shaw
1940 Wilbur Shaw
1941 Floyd Davis
& Mauri Rose
1946 George Robson
1947 Mauri Rose
1948 Mauri Rose
1949 Bill Holland
1950 Johnnie Parsons
1951 Lee Wallard
1952 Troy Ruttman Franklin Mint in 1:16 scale
1953 Bill Vukovich Carousel 1
1954 Bill Vukovich Carousel 1
1955 Bob Sweikert Carousel 1
1956 Pat Flaherty Carousel 1
1957 Sam Hanks
1958 Jimmy Bryan
1959 Rodger Ward Carousel 1
1960 Jim Rathmann Carousel 1
1961 A.J. Foyt Carousel 1
1962 Rodger Ward Carousel 1
1963 Parnelli Jones Carousel 1
1964 A.J. Foyt Carousel 1
1965 Jimmy Clark Carousel 1
1966 Graham Hill
1967 A.J. Foyt Carousel 1
1968 Bobby Unser Carousel 1
1969 Mario Andretti ERTL
1970 Al Unser, Sr.
1971 Al Unser, Sr.
1972 Mark Donohue Carousel 1
1973 Gordon Johncock Carousel 1
1974 Johnny Rutherford Carousel 1
1975 Bobby Unser Carousel 1
1976 Johnny Rutherford Carousel 1
1977 A.J. Foyt Carousel 1
1978 Al Unser, Sr.
1979 Rick Mears
1980 Johnny Rutherford
1981 Bobby Unser
1982 Gordon Johncock
1983 Tom Sneva
1984 Rick Mears
1985 Danny Sullivan
1986 Bobby Rahal
1987 Al Unser, Sr.
1988 Rick Mears
1989 Emerson Fittipaldi
1990 Arie Luyendyk
1991 Rick Mears
1992 Al Unser, Jr.
1993 Emerson Fittipaldi
1994 Al Unser, Jr. Minichamps
1995 Jacques Villeneuve Minichamps
1996 Buddy Lazier Minichamps
1997 Arie Luyendyk
1998 Eddie Cheever, Jr.
1999 Kenny Brack
2000 Juan Montoya Action Performance
2001 Helio Castroneves
2002 Helio Castroneves
2003 Gil de Ferran
2004 Buddy Rice Greenlight
2005 Dan Wheldon

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Hope you don't mind Richard, but I highlighted the listed manufacturers you have already listed in blue to make them stand out a bit from the rest of the text. :cheers

Also, I added the 1969 winner (Andretti's Brawner Hawk) which was done ages ago by ERTL and now I believe is extremely hard to find. :cheers

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The 1968 Winner ia already released by C1
1954, 1959 and 1976 cars will be out shortly.
The 1952 car was realeased in 1:16 by The Franklin Mint and it fits in well with the 1:18.
It is probably the highest detail Indy winner to date.

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That's a splendid idea to create that list Richard. I didn't realize J. Villeneuve won the race in 1995. Shame on me, & I'm Canadian too!

Off-topic: Does anyone know if Kenny Brack fully recovered from his bad crash a little while back?

I just had a look through my DieCast-Legends catalouge and it does say the th Dan Wheldon 2005 winner is being released, only problem is they don't say who.

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"A picture is worth a thousand words" is the old saying :giggle

But now you have me wondering if this is really the Indy winning car or just Jr's regular CART ride from the season?
This car was a gift from a friend many years ago and the details escape as to where/when he bought it.
I will try to dig up the box and see what it says :confused

Welcome to DX, BTW :cheers


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The more I think about it, my car might be Al Jrs 1993 Indy ride :confused

I just sent an email to my buddy to see if he can remeber any details

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Although your Minichamps Unser,Jr wasn't produced the same year he won the Indy 500, the only thing missing is the 'visit New Mexico' ad, which was in the red striping area. It was pretty small: and not that noticeable.
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