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iScale BMW 7er G11/G12...

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Just found this on another site.... Wow, it's looking GREAT!

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Where did you find those pics, David? Thanks for sharing, it looks breathtaking!

I'm going to Munich next week. Hope to get my hands on one in BMW Welt's shop maybe.
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Dispatch delayed due to "quality issues".

I hope they fix the configuration mix-up as well. Rear bumper shows chrome trim of "Pure Excellence-package", front not.
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I did some refining on my Sophisto Grey:

- corrected the front fascia matching the design package by adding the wide chrome trim + LED fog lamps
- blacked the distance radar between kidneys
- painted the rims in bi-color Ferric Grey
- painted brake discs Chrome Silver

I also got the Mineral White, planning to convert it to M-package soon.
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I agree, not a bad job by iScale. Especially the tight shutlines, the soft suspension, the flawless paint.
But I don't get it why they failed on that simple details?
The rims are perfect in shape and size but missing that two-tone colouring they look totally off. And BLACK plastic brake discs? Serious???

I love to put my hands on a model...if I WANT to. But why do I HAVE to do it, just to correct such deficiencies?

For the M-package: this won't stay white...sorry!

Aventurin Red over Ivory

or maybe I'll go one step ahead an make the Alpina B7 in Java Green instead.
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1 - 4 of 60 Posts
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