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iScale BMW 7er G11/G12...

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Just found this on another site.... Wow, it's looking GREAT!

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Not a bad looking model, but yeah the bonnet gap is a bit canyon-ish. Not a 7 Series fan (E38 is my favourite one though) really not my sort of car, they're usually just bought by bankers to get chauffeur driven around in. M2 in 1:18 for me please!
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Man that looks stunning, I may have to get me one of those.
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Nice model!!
Maybe an offtopic question, why is the Mercedes S-class 1:18 so much more popular than the BMW 7 series 1:18? The AUTOart one costs 200+ euro nowadays, while the Kyosho one can be found less than 100 euro.
Even though I'm a massive Bimmer fan I've never been a big fan of any 7er, I guess it's because I much prefer the sports cars and M cars over the big luxury barges and SUVs that BMW make. Where as I guess Merc guys tend to like the big luxurious saloons as Mercedes are more famous for those type of cars historically than BMW. Just my point of view of course.
I'm not really into 7ers, but that looks very tempting, all three colours look superb! it's going to be tough to choose one colour.
1 - 4 of 60 Posts
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