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In Group B rallying of the Mid-80's there were cars that never really enjoyed sucsess, one of those was this, the Citroën BX 4TC, which is one of the lesser known rally cars from the Group B period.
It was based on a similar concept to the Audi Quattro, in that it had a front-engine, monocoque chassis design.
There were a couple of problems in the BX, first, since it was based on the Audi Quattro's front engined design, the engine was slung right over the front end, this provided understeer problems in cornering.
Second was the engine itself, thiscar had 435 BHP, where theopossition was nearing the 600 BHP mark

The BX 4TC could have been successful had it been introduced earlier, but because it was introduced in 1986, it was outclassed by competitors with space frames, mid-engine layouts and a several year development advantage.
The BX 4TC competed in three world championship rallies.
First was the Monte-Carlo rally, in which the car this model is based on, retired on Stage one with surspention faliure (Thanks to Dave AKA Group-B for that snipet of info :cheers )
The second in the Swidish rally provided a 6th place finish, way behind the rest of the competitors.
The third rally in greece saw a full set of 3 retirements and that was the last we were to see of that team, just think that Citoren is the current dominante force in the WRC today, 2 decades ago, they were something of a big, white flop.


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WOW Nice car and diorama !!!
Congrats :cheers
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It has always made me laugh to see the difference between the real BX (the one you used to see everywhere here, in France) and the BX4TC.
On one hand you have an ugly car (in my humble opinion) with nothing special (except a weight under 1000 kilograms for a family car), and on the other hand, you have a huge rally beast ! (still ugly for me though).

There were some road versions but they are very few and rare (200 hp) !



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You said Citroen has introduced it a bit late...
I think they did the same with the Xsara WRC !!
Luckily the basis was better but the road car was released in 1997 or 1998 and it has won the WRC since 2003. It was a bit risky to use a 5-year-old basis !!!

By the way, they have developped a Kit Car version since the beginning of car's life, for the French Championship. But it was only front-wheel drive

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I know the Xsara is a 6-year old car and still is the king of the hill in the WRC, Im still wondering why they ditched the C4 project, thry could have used it for the year, retire, and sell the competing cars off to respective customers.

And i do remember the Xsara Kitcar, like the Peugeot 306 Maxi it was a giant slayer in the WRC when it won 2 tarmac rallies in 1999.

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That is one UGLY car :lol
Looks like a beast though, very special too! If I were into 1/43, I certainly would get this one.
Congrats on this truly special car! :cheers
By the way, Mr. V: It's Citroen (Citroën), not Citoren :giggle
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