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After the great Tuscan I had to get this. One EVIL looking car! Once unpacked I put it next to the Tuscan, they make a great pair!

Exterior - Accuracy=8/10 Detailing=7/10
The shape and scale of this model are very good, if not perfect. Especially the headlights are flawless, they fit very tight and are well detailed. You can open up the air vents on the hood and see a bit of the engine. Some drawbacks are that the whole engine bonnet is sealed, the fuel lid is a decal and the rear spoiler supports are too thick.

Interior - Accuracy=7/10 Detailing=7/10
The interior is very comparable to the Tuscan, very well detailed seats, steering wheel and instrument cluster. Can't really say much more here, it's just good for a budget model!

Engine - Accuracy=7/10 Detailing=6/10
The engine is only visible through the air vents. It looks good through there, there's even reasonable detailing including Speed Six written on the engine!

Tires/Wheels - Accuracy=8/10 Detailing=7/10
The wheels are almost the same as on the Tuscan, so are the tires. They have a nice thread and they feel very realistic. The rims look nice as well.

Brakes - Accuracy=8/10 Detailing=8/10
The Sagaris has rotating discs with good looking calipers. The discs are of the right size and the front ones have TVR written on them, just like the real thing. Not too much more to be said here, just really good for a budget model...

Undercarriage - Accuracy 8/10 Detailing 8/10
The underside of this model looks great! You can see the whole bottom of the engine and gearbox. You can also see the exhaust pipes, suspension and axles. Very nice, here they make up for the sealed engine bonnet!

Paint - Accuracy=7/10 Detailing=7/10
Don't really think the color fits to the car, neither do the 2 other colors you can choose from. This blue is too chique, the silver is too modern/german and red doesn't fit the car at all, besides it's a color for Ferrari's... I have just sent a mail to Jadi regarding new colors. I will post here if/when they reply. Otherwise this model has a very sharp paintjob, looks like they used slightly less paint than on the Tuscans, but it still looks good! I haven't seen how the color looks in direct sunlight yet...

Tampo/Decals - Accuracy=7/10 Detail=8/10
The few decals that are there are good looking and in the right positions and scale. Especially the speedo in the interior is nice!


I think Jadi has created another masterpiece of a great car. If you like the Tuscan, then definately get this too! The price is fair between 25 and 30 euro's. Patiently waiting for more colors to be anounced and released! Hope I've been of a help to all of you potential buyers! :cheers :cheers

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Good reniew, Rico - that's a nice model for the price

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:whyclick cause now I want this thing really badly! I have the Jadi Tuscan and I wish I had waited to get the Sagaris. That thing just looks MEAN. I remember seeing one in england on the streets, I just couldn't get over how evil it looks. I love all the lights and fins. Great review, great pics, congrats! :cheers
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