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Jadi TVR Tuscan S

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Just got mine a few mins ago! Its black and I ordered it from Exoticar, who didn't give it any packing at all except a catalog :ranting

Anyway, heres what I think of it.

It is very tightly packaged, kind of hard to find out where the screws are and the hardtop is packed incredibly tight to the box, so hard I scratched it pretty deeply with my scissors trying to wrestle with it!!!! :crying So I advise you guys to be a bit patient with the packaging

Paint is surprisingly good, very similar to the paint on the Maisto MB SLR McLaren. There really are no missed spots.

Exterior is done very well, headlights are great, TVR logos even have the little lines through them, proportion is spot on, unlike some maistos and hotwheels this model is not abnormally high off the ground, it looks very low and sleek. Exhaust is very low and shiny, and they are actual tubes and seem to go pretty deep.

Wheels and brakes are good, not saying they are bad as they definitely are better than any hot wheels are maisto, just that the car has a pretty high standard of quality and it could have shown more in this area. Tires are generic but look very good, rims aren't bad and the brake rotors do not spin but the calipers up front have a TVR logo on them and look very nice.

Interior is, like the rest of the car, very well done. The speedometer has legible numbers though extremely tiny, there are very thin seatbelts, the rearview mirror isnt like the ones you would find on a Hot Wheels which protrudes almost down to the dash, it is pretty small. One downside I noticed is the console in the middle of the interior that has the shifter on it etc. is a bit loose.

Engine detail....well there is none and you cant really blame Jadi, it would have been kind of difficult to make two hoods like the real car has. I would like to point out that the engine cover, once you have it fully opened, can bend forward so you can still see a little bit of the items it conceals and then you can slide it back in place, which i thought was a very unique feature.

Overall the model has a surprisingly small stance, which is accurate because having seen them parked on the side of the roads in london i know they are very small cars. I would also like to point out that it has an antenna, a feature not often found on 1:18's and that the hardtop is pretty hard to put on as you kind of have to bend the windshild back! :scared

I would definitely have to say this is an outstanding bargain coming in w/ shipping at about $36! :happy It may not have a carpeted interior and i know you cant see the engine, but the quality is definitely of an Autoart. I will be buying from Jadi again!

Hope I haven't bored you!


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It sounds nice. Looks like this model may get bumped up on the list to get. Thanks for the info....now pics. :giggle
A bit of a downer that I dont have a digital camera at the location where I got this model! :crying Sorry. Also I noticed I said the rotors dont spin, turns out on examination under a bright light they DO spin! They're really smooth and arent drilled though so its really hard to notice. So its a better model than I thought it was!
Many thanks for the review, McLaren F1 Guy. :cheers
It's a real shame that the model has no engine detail to speak of.
RichardM said:
But congrats.

But a great review nonetheless! This one's on the wishlist, in yellow.
It gets better though: upon even further investigation, i noticed the seatbelts are real fabric. This model is absolutely incredible for the price!!!!

Thanks for the compliments btw you guys :cheers
Great review... i was thinking of picking one up..but i want to see the yellow b i make my choice... its either black or yellow
nice reivew :cheers

does the model have no engine or it does but only can be seen from underside???
Thanks for the review F1 Guy, sounds like it's a good model to get, I was planning to do that anyway but it's good to know that I won't be disappointed. :cheers
Sounds like a :cool1 model! Thanks for the review! :cheers
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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