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Great write up, Mr. V! :cheers

Just one little addition, if I may. The XJ13 was officially tested in 1967, and the results of this run got to the ears of Sir William, who called Dewis in and was furious about the whole incident. But, Dewis managed to contagiate him with his enthusiasm, and the car was allowed back on the test track, and was tested more then once right after that. Unhappily, the results weren't very good, and to make the car good more (a lot more) money would have to be invested. Since racing was not a priority to Jaguar anymore, the project was shelved and the XJ13 went to a warehouse.

In 1971, with the introduction of the new E Type in 1972, Jaguar's PR people thought that the XJ13 would look nice if used to promote the new E Type, so the XJ13 was bought back to the test track, this time for a film shoot. On the lap that would be the last of the day, with Dewis at the wheel, on a high speed pass a wheel simply colapsed, and the car started tumbling, and was totally destroyed. Fortunately Dewis survived the crash witout harm.

The wreck was collected, every little piece was stored, and some years later Jaguar resolved to rebuild the car. They did, and today it's runing, and even participating in some select festivals.
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