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Thank you MrV for posting this :nicejob
Information and pictures like this is the life-blood of DX

As an extra bit of information - the timeline leading up to BL

1910 - Daimler purchased by engineering company BSA

1931 - Lanchester purchased by BSA. (Last Lanchester 1956)

1938 - Morris incorporates Wolseley and Riley forming the Nuffield Organisation

1944 - Standard acquire Triumph Cars, forming Standard Triumph

1946 - Austin acquire Vanden Plas

1952 - The Nuffield Organisation and Austin merge to form the British Motor Corporation (BMC)

1960 - Jaguar buy the car-making interests of BSA, including Daimler

1961 - Leyland Motors acquire Standard Triumph

1965 - Rover acquire Alvis

1966 - BMC merge with Jaguar to form British Motor Holdings

1967 - Leyland absorb Rover

1968 - Leyland merge with British Motor Holdings to form the British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC)

1975 - Publication of the Ryder Report, British Leyland effectively nationalised due to financial difficulties, company changes its name to BL Ltd.

1977 - Michael Edwardes appointed as Chairman by Labour Government. Begins massive cull of excess BL assets.
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